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Swara Sutra
Swara Sutra
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The name Swara Sutra in Sanskrit, means for an ensemble of musical notes. This experimental one-man band was conceptualized in May 2009 as an attempt to showcas
Band/artist history
Swara Sutra is a one-man band conceptualized by Sriram, currently an engineering student in India. The band is very experimental and draws influences from various forms of music ranging from Carnatic Classical, jazz and alternative, all the way to extreme metal. It all started on a hot summer afternoon in May 2009 during an agonizing power cut by playing guitar chords on a Veena. Thanks to the duration of the power-cut, after a few attempts it soon turned into a 3 minute untitled song that was put up on SoundClick the following evening. It received a great response and comments asking for some more music and that was when Swara Sutra was born online. It has come a long way since then, quickly making a good connection with musicians and music lovers online. "Just like a painter paints pictures on an empty canvas, a musician paints feelings on silence." -Anonymous. Believing in this freedom of 'painting' it's music, the band has created a very unique and original sound which rapidly moved the band up in the rankings on many popular platforms like SoundClick, ReverbNation and Myspace. The band was featured in the SoundClick Top 10 Charts after the release of it's track - Aura Esoteric. Arabian Sunset, another popular track debuted at #7 on SoundClick World Charts and climbed upto #4. Swara Sutra is known for seamlessly blending in Carnatic style music into it's tracks and for the 'crazy' transitions which leave the listener guessing as the song progresses. "Mixing it up like that was so outta control! Awesome songs!! " as Mike from MWB Recordings, USA put it. Swara Sutra is currently writing and simultaneously recording a full length self-titled album. Some of the tracks shall feature artists with whom the band has collaborated and enjoyed working with. Cheers to original music!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Being a one man band, there isn't much scope to play live.
Your musical influences
I am very passionate about Indian classical music and various genres of Western music ranging from jazz/blues to extreme metal.
What equipment do you use?
Apart from the studio equipment used for recording, I use the following. Guitars: Ibanez GRG 220 DEX Jackson KE3 Kelly Pedals/ effects: Line 6 POD X3 Live and some Boss pedals like the CH1, DD3, MT2 Software: Adobe Audition 3 Fruity Loops 8 XXL Reason 3 Drumkits from Hell and some random stuff.