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Crystal Trees
Crystal Trees
164 Tracks
Crystal Trees is an underground Hip-Hop group from Stuart Florida formed in 2008.
* CRYSTAL TREES - Fresh Young and Clean * From the sandy beaches of South Florida to the mountain valleys of Northern California Crystal Trees Broadcasts their sound world-wide !we astound!
Band/artist history
2006 Drumsynth and Absolute start making beats in Florida on FLstudio7 and writing lyrics inspired by Talib Kweli and mos Def. 2008 Now living on separate coasts in Florida, Absolute recruits High School rappers Thing 2, aka Kyzo, aka Bamboon (loopdigga 420). and Forced Entry to rap with him, thus creating the group Crystal Trees along with Drumsynth. 2009 march Drumsynth acquires recording equipment and the dream becomes a reality for a 2 week long recording sessions in the Stuart Shed. 2009 July Drumsynth Visits Stuart again and our 2nd recordings happen in the Shed. 2009 July Drumsynth moves to Sacramento, CA and now Crystal Trees sends files back and forth across the internet. 2009 August Drumsynth Starts this Crystal Trees Soundclick page. 2009 November Mongoose from Sacramento joins the group. 2010 february First Mix CD released Free online. Featuring Production by Drumsynth. Raps by Absolute, Drumsynth, Kyzo, Monoose and Featuring Miss Marine. (always free, copy and paste the link) http://www.divshare.com/download/12097179-695 2010 May A trip to Florida by Drumsynth. Recording in the Stuart Shed for 10 days, the new material focuses heavily on Absolute and Drumsynth with sample based production from Crystal Trees youngest member Kyzo (loop digga420). 2010 July Drumsynth is busy doing final recordings, mixing and mastering the new material. Absolute and Drumsynth take centerstage in most of the songs with only a few guest verses by Kyzo, Forced Entry, Mongoose, and Miss Marine. The new work is tentatively titled "The Daily Chronicle" set to release by Christmas.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Maybe at some local open mics in the future.
Your musical influences
Talib Kweli, mos def, Planet Asia, Ras Kass, Canibus, madlib, J Dilla, The Roots, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Strong Arm Steady (gang), Team Sleep, DJ Shadow, Dipset, Nature Sounds, Stones Throw.
What equipment do you use?
Ableton live 8.0 Fruity Loops 8, Reason 4.0, Rolang Juno-G, Live Bass, Guitar, Drums, M-audio Axiom 25, Akai mpd24, Shure KSm-27, Shure SM57, mackie 1402 VLZ, laptops.
Anything else?
Dedicated to creating original sounds since 2006! We make music to enlighten the masses, to spread positive vibes and push the envelope!
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