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Marc Morlock
Marc Morlock
Marc Morlock (Norwegian Girl) Demo 1975
Lulu (Slinky) Demo 1977
Ca c'est bien
Fade Out (I'm in love)
Hey Little Boy (Marc Morlock)
I love you ( Jinx ) 1974
I don't know
Samantha Gilles ( Vakantie ) 1982
Jinx ( Oh little lady ) 1973
Zot van A (karaoke ) Pif Pouf Paf
Hey Little Boy ( German Version )
I've been a dreamer (Slinky)
Jobby Lynn ( Together) demo 1977
I have to go (Jobby Lynn)
La vie va comme tu veux (Marc Morlock)1983
Wer Oder Was
Donne-moi l'amour ( Marc Morlock ) 1982
Hey p'tit garcon ( Patrick Edeen )
Jobby Lynn (Give it to me) 1977
Jinx (Live)Rivierenhof 1974
Feel Good ( Marc Morlock
Liefde (Flits)
Early Christian (Fire)
I said Go
Hit a big time (Alex)
Lied voor Yasmine (Will Ferdy)
Together (Henny Duinkerken)
De Ideale Man (Henny Duinkerken)
Who is who & What is what
Let me (karaoke) Marc Morlock
Hop Belgie Hop
Philippe Van den Hoek (Everybody's woman)
Is Our Love Strong (Tom Powell)
Give me a kiss (Jinx)
Samantha Gilles (PlayBack) Antigoon
Jinx (Once) 1973
Hopsa (Marc Morlock) 1983
Pif Pouf Paf ( CHOQUE AU LIT)
My life is better without you (Marc Morlock) 1988
Freewheel (Eclipse)
The end of a miserable life (Marc Morlock-1992)
I love you madly (karaoke)
SNULS (Je Suis Content)
Late again (Instrumental version) Marc Morlock (19
Hold on to me (Hot Animal)
Hopsa (Snuls)
How do you feel (Slinky) 1979
Faire l'amour (Marc Morlock) 1981
Ik voel me vrij (Marc Morlock)1980
I've been hurt (Blacky)
Feel Free (Marc Morlock)1991
Tu me plais (Marc Morlock) 1983
Child Song (Kinderlied) 1982
Ik zal altijd van je houden (Will Ferdy)
The Party (Marc Morlock)1988
Let Me (Marc Morlock)1989
I saw your face (Jinx) 1974
Je suis content (Marc Morlock)1984
Happiness (Dave & Steve)
Should I go (Fade Out)
Sexy Girl - ( TV Recording - 1980 ) Marc Morlock