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The Golden Dawn
The Golden Dawn
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The Golden Dawn includes Paul McCallion,guitar & vox, Robert Wood, guitar,bass & vox,Werner Broos,guitar & vox, Gege Lhomme,drums & Torsten Froemelt,guitar & vo
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The Golden Dawn is a project involving musicians, composers and singers who live in France, Germany, England and the USA. All friends who have known each other for years Of the lot, Rob has worked as a professional musician for many years based in France and Werner has worked professionally in England. The others are all music lovers and players with David now starting out on his musical journey at university after playing in his school band for several years, and Gege, who has worked in too many countries to list here, is still the great sound engineer he has always been as well as being an inspiring drummer. The line-up is: Paul acoustic guitar, electric guitar & vocals, Werner, acoustic guitar, electric guitar & vocals, Torsten, acoustic guitar, electric guitar & vocals, Rob, electric guitar, bass guitar & vocals, David, bass guitar, Gege, drums and, last but not least, Jochen, with ideas, support & jam sessions on his various guitars. Because of the nature of the band the line-up varies from two to five in general. For example, Girls Care was recorded by three of the band, Werner, Torsten & Rob, and Round & Round was recorded by two of the band, Paul & Rob. Both recordings were first and only takes. Indeed TGD like spontaneity, live playing, open arrangements, one shot takes, improvisation, interesting sounds, atmosphere and grooves.
Band/artist history
TGD in its present form is relatively new, going back about two years or so. The music was happening anyway, so it was a question of bringing it all together; just two numbers on the net so far, with both getting to #1 in the internet charts......so not really a history, more a continuing moment in time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, indeed, TGD plays live in various forms wherever the opportunity presents itself; live playing is naturally the essence of TGD's philosophy and each moment is special.
Your musical influences
This list would be enormous since all good music inspires, be it Stravinsky, Cecil Taylor, Led Zeppelin, John Coltrane or Thelonious Monk; TGD do like Mahler a lot, but then also like Robert Johnson. The answer is eclectic.
What equipment do you use?
Quite a lot...and Electro-Harmonix
Anything else?
....take some time out listening to Alice Coltrane play "Blue Nile" and "A Love Supreme", really beautiful music.
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