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NDU Music
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"Ndu" which means "LIFE" in the Igbo Language, is known for his diverse lyrical style, intelligent rhymes and stage presence and is sure to bring LIFE into the
NDU opening at Wale!
Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on January 27, 1986 to Nigerian parents, Ndubuisi "NDU" Okwumabua cultivated his love for music at an early age. He was profoundly inspired by such noteworthy acts as Neil Young, Bob Marley, the Beatles, Barry White and Fela Kuti. Ndu, through his young years, has become such a powerful songwriter and can attribute his artistry to the days he spent listening to those great musical acts. As a child and teenager, he began constructing eloquent poetry that expressed his life whether revealing triumph or tribulations. Ndu later translated those meaningful poems into songs as he honed his rapping abilities. Ndu unleashed The Twilight which was easily well received by the masses. His sophomore album entitled The Rebel Zone upheld Ndu as a bonified rapper and an unstoppable creative force. His music has gained the respect and attention of many people who are familiar with Winnipeg's music scene and is rapidly becoming known nation-wide and known internationally. The rapper has been present performing at events such as the Nigerian Entertainment Award show held in New York. Ndu has also performed songs from his albums at the Winnipeg bar and club scene. A new sound, and a remarkable performer, he has opened up for such renowned RnB and Hip-Hop acts such as Lloyd Banks of G-Unit, Sean Paul, T-Pain, Raekwon and the Grammy Award winning group, Boyz II Men. By no means does the young star's music have an elitist sound, instead he produces music that can be felt from the heart of anyone regardless of their place within society. Though just 23 years of age, Ndu has already proved himself to be a timeless artist who will continue to produce more soul-satisfying music for everyone and anyone to enjoy world-wide.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Ndu has performed in numerous events including the Nigerian Entertainment Award Show in New York, the Winnipeg bar and club scene, and due to his amazing stage presence, has opened up for artists such as, Lloyd Banks, Sean Paul, T-pain, Boyz II Men and Raekwon.
Your musical influences
Fela, Neil Young, Bob Marley, the Beatles, Barry White, Nas, 2Pac, Erykah Badu, Notorious BIG and more...
Anything else?
Check out www.ndumusic.com and listen to tracks from "The Rebel Zone" Find me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/1ndu Find me on Facebook: Ndu Okwumabua Find me on MySpace: http://myspace.com/1ndu
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