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Romeattic is an American Music producer, song writer and rapper from Syracuse, New York. Started creating beats using his Sony Playstation. Primary style
Better know as his stage name Romeattic, is an American Hip Hop Music producer and artist. He is also the founder and owner of Indie label Digital Architectual. Born and raised in Syracuse, New york. Rome started creating beats at the age of 15. Sitting and watching TV with his younger sister, Rome saw a Playstation commercial advertising Mtv's Music Generator. A game that allows Playstation users to create their own beats. This seriously interested Romeattic. A few weeks later at a local Wal-Mart, Rome not having a job at the time asks his older sister Tasha to purchase the game for him. Rome gets home and is shocked at how complicated this game looks on screen. At the age of 15 at that time music was a foreign language to him. His first couple of beats were in the style of Techno. Months and years of hard work on the Playstation, Rome finally understands how hip hop beats work and how to work his way around the game. Years later Rome is starting to create some amazing sounding beats. He started to expand his instrumental style from just Hip hop. He dabbled in some Alternative, Techno, Film soundtrack material and House music. At the age of 16 Rome has decided to pick up the pen and pad to start writing his own rhymes. Inspired by rapper Common, Talib Kweli, and Dj Hi-tek. Listening to these 3 really moved Rome to start creating his own material. Years of working hard, Rome now has progressed tremendously. Romeattic now has upgraded his music equipment and is making some amazing beats. "I still use my Playstation every now and then though. I try not to front on that system. Cuz it taught me a lot and I made some CRAZY beats off of it(laughs). Now that it's out there, my next thing is to wait till one of those beats are on a HIT record, then I plan to tell people 'yea I made that on my Playstation'. Now that's crazy(laughs). Says Rome. Rome has his first EP CD titled "Loading" in Itunes. This Cd displays Rome's unique style of beats, rhymes and concepts! Contact Rome for details.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
Jay-Z, Biggie, Eminem, Common(The old one, lol), Talib Kweli, and Dj Hi-Tek.
What equipment do you use?
Like I said I started off using my Sony Playstation lol. I actually made some CRAZY beats off of that! Now I graduated and use a new program called "Motu BPM". I use that along with a M-Audio midi keyboard. I have A LOT more freedom and can be more creative with this! I love it.
Anything else?
Yes I want to say that I seriously think that Hip-Hop needs more creativity and uniqueness. That is my main goal in my whole career. Bring people more creativity and uniqueness. When you hear my music you can see that I AM different and I am trying to be different. Also, when something new does come out, I feel that it's important that people who want something different EMBRACE that music! When something new comes out TOO many people reject it, or dislike it. C'mon y'all we need to stop that. So with that said look out for Romeattic and the new EP titled "Loading". All companies and artists interested in instrumentals contact me at: Romeattic@Gmail.com Aight I'm out.
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