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Radiadio is a group of five close friends with many different influences. Drew and Jared grew up listening to the Blues, R&B, Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Soul, & Rap. From Snoop Dogg, to Hendrix their variety has grown far and wide. Justin came from a bluesy background, but quickly turned to a heavy, toolish, shredding type style. He started picking at the early age of 9. His creativity, lead guitar, and solos are a huge part of Radiadio's sound. He can give birth to the hottest songs you've ever heard right off the top of his head. Drew writes most of the lyrics, and is a talented song writer and performer. He brings a nice bluesy feel with his harmonicas, and is very versatile with his vocals and acoustic guitar. Jared is in charge of recording, editing, creating the beats, and the general direction of their music. He plays the majority of rhythm guitar, and occasionally plays lead. His powerful voice and ability to create music and write lyrics are key. A few months back the band teamed up with a close friend and fan who at first, was a featured artist, but is now an official member of the band. This guy is always coming up with crazy lyrics, and is always singing about something. His name, is ThomasCrown. He has a certain swagger, and sauce unlike any other. With his unique flow and style, he has changed the sound of Radiadio forever. Together they are creating their own form of Rock/Hip Hop with amazing guitar solos, rap, bluesy rock singing, and a touch of R&B. It's a whole new feel and since teaming up, the vibe has been great. They've been coming up with catchy songs, impressive vocals, and killer beats. All of their recordings are done in their home studio. Until just recently, Radiadio has never had a permanent drummer. Through co-workers and friends, the guys were able to meet David. Who by the way, is a very impressive drummer that has been playing for over 12 years. However, Radiadio does not have a bass player. For now, Jared and Justin are playing the bass while the band is recording. Radiadio has played a few live shows, and lots of parties in the past, but with David in the picture now, you can expect to see them out playing very soon. The band is still searching for a bassist that fits in with the longterm vision of the group and hopefully will find the missing piece to their puzzle...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've played a few live shows in the past without a drummer. A couple of bars, mainly acoustic sets. And we've played many a parties. Now we have a drummer and we're practicing hard so we can play shows in a whole different way.
Your musical influences
Each member has their own taste, and style. We have a huge variety of influences. We all have our favorites. From R&B to Alternative, from Rock to Hip-Hop, Blues & Rap to Soul & Funk we try to create our own sound.
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