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charlie brown superstar
charlie brown superstar
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Charlie Brown Superstar is a DJ in Huntington, WV, an LBA Records recording artist, and a member of the critically acclaimed doom/drone metal band, Hyatari (sam
Hyatari - 'Collapse'
Charlie Brown Superstar (aka Brett Fuller) has been spinning records in Huntington's most popular nightclubs since 1994, covering a wide range of musical genres. He currently holds residency at the V Club, where he DJ's the area's most popular and longest-running dance night, New Moon on Mondays, mixing the best new wave, rock and pop that the 80's had to offer. He has had the honor of performing with such nationally recognized recording artists as Arrested Development and Electric Six. In addition, Charlie Brown Superstar is an LBA Records recording artist and has been composing original electronic music since 1999. He did sampling for and toured with the popular local rock band, Chum, during the mid-90's and is currently a member of the critically acclaimed drone/doom metal band, Hyatari. His influences include everything from Mercury Rev, Gary Numan, Curtis Mayfield, H.G. Lewis, robots and even B-movies. Charlie Brown Superstar is in the process of acquiring representation and aspires to play more out of town gigs. In the meantime, he is currently available to DJ private parties, receptions, and other special events.
Band/artist history
See above.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I still DJ live at many venues and parties in Huntington. I am in the process of finding representation, as I would like to play more out of town gigs. I love what I do. There are a lot of special moments, too many too mention really.
Your musical influences
I would have to say Mercury Rev, funk, punk and new wave...oh yeah, and B-movies to name a few.
What equipment do you use?
PC, making waves, goldwave, fruity loops, technics1200s, numark dm1100xi mixer.
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