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bamboo needle
bamboo needle
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An eclectic mix of ambient textures, melodic moodiness, and energetic outbursts that rock you to the core. Dynamic and entertaining, a musical journey worth tak
For you bargain hunters out there, Bamboo Needle is like two great bands in one. They're not just a hauntingly beautiful AltPop outfit with a gift for painting minimalist ambient soundscapes (and even some Electronica thrown in to spice things up). They also a Heavy Rock juggernaut with Progressive tendencies that sound like they were born to shake arenas. The trio formed at the beginning of 2007 with a goal to make more expressive music but also remain accessible. Previews from their yet-to-be-released debut indicate they are hitting the mark. It remains to be seen whether they will retain their musical split personalities or evolve in one direction or the other. Dig It: Starsailor, A Perfect Circle, Muse. MPMF Critics Pick Ezra Waller
Band/artist history
Zach and I (Randy) had been friends for a while, and had been talking about our own musical ventures, when we decided it would be interesting to work together on a project since we had similar ideas of what we wanted to hear. After demoing up some songs, it came time to bring a drummer into the mix, and Brian was our first choice. Luckily, we said SOMETHING right, because he jumped onboard right away. We completed our first recording, The Pisceans EP, in 2008, and have been playing a number of select gigs over the past couple of years, while preparing our next project.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As much as I enjoy crafting songs in the studio, playing live to a reactive audience is the ultimate. We play a variety of venues in the Midwest, with hopes of some expanded tours in the near future!
Your musical influences
There are a number of influences that come out in our music, some just more obvious than others. I would venture to say everything from Radiohead to Muse, and Peter Gabriel to Jeff Buckley. We all grew up playing and listening to music, and we each came from our own unique backgrounds, and I think it comes together into something thats original yet accessible.
What equipment do you use?
Holy cow, I'm the total gear slut of the band. I like gear as much as I like playing. I'm a HUGE fan of Lakland basses. Great instruments and a great company. Those guys are top notch. I'm currently using Ashdown amps and cabinets, and a variety of synths from Yamaha, Waldorf, Roland, and Emu. I also use an Apple MacBook Pro with Logic for live sequencing. As far as Zach is concerned, he's a G&L guitar and Marshall amp guy. He gets some great sounds out of his rig. Brian has some of the best drum sounds you'll ever hear, probably more because of his skills than anything, but he uses DW and Premier drums.
Anything else?
I'd just like to thank all the fans that have been supporting us, and can't wait to get out there and meet (and make) more!!! Cheers and take care!
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