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Stronz and Astro3000
Stronz and Astro3000
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Hello I enjoy to play music also visit my two mainpages : reverbnation.com/Stronz and reverbnation.com/astro3000
intro Purple Galaxy
An independent music producer and sound engineer for the past ten years. Has been producing songs through personal built-up studio. Produced songs was sold in the online market independently and mostly for personal use and compilation. Playing Guitar and Piano as main and second instrument , but not Limited to and have flexibility to use many other kinds of instruments And have a high learning curve to be able to quickly learn new techniques And types of instruments. Moreover, multiple abilities was learned and enhanced through the deep perseverance in self-education. Acquaintance and maintaining good relationship with various musicians personally and in the internet world , has been a guide to understand the aspects of the modern rhythmic music business from the very beginning And up to our present time. This be Jazz , Blues as well as Rock and Roll and through the aspects of Different music styles and experimental experiences in musical history.
Band/artist history
Im from denmark and back in 2012 I decided to move to China to start up a new life. Got tired of criminals and muslim gangs that constantly tried to control my life and decided enough is enough so they wont get my money anymore and planned to get away to a place where I can live without all that shit. Since 2007 I have being active with music online but they broke it down and hacked all my accounts. Fight after fight with those continued until 2012 where I finally got my chance to move. So I decided to go to China. I moved to China in 2012 but had to go back to Denmark and pay out all debt to the system and saving money to my final move. Finally in 2014 I could permanent move to China. After living 4 years in China I moved Philippines where im living now in a little rented house. Here Im building up a little music studio. Here I decided to restart and try to get back into music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have play in small public places in china , mainly in the public parks where the temples are placed in the mountains but other than this , not really.
Your musical influences
Good old 60 / 70 's music , blues , jazz , , electronic music , chinese music , classic music ect...
What equipment do you use?
electric Guitar , Synthesizer , computers , effects , my old modified Peavey amp + alot of homemade equipment and gear you know, and equipment I have modificated to suit my needs.
Anything else?
I have a dream about making a litte studio, a permanent installation here in the philippines in a house I will build myself to suit my needs and to house myself and my friends / family . look here for more information : https://fundrazr.com/91Zhk4?ref=ab_18Xnfc this is where we live now , its a rented house and I cant build a permanent studio here https://astro3000live.wordpress.com/
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