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Lil' Talley
Lil' Talley
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First of all, I am a 18 year old go hard, hard head. I represent the struggle, the hustle, the grind, the motivation, the dedication, and the street dream. Plai
Whats hannin....I'm the 18 year old C.E.O Lil' Talley a.k.a Mr. Prime*Time and I wanna welcome you to my life story
Band/artist history
As a kid I started out listening to my farther and my uncles making music and seeing their name on commercials for shows at clubs which took a tole on me. Not only that growning up I always wonted to have things in common with my father so I started making my own songs as a child so we would have more things in common. Then one day I got an offer to join a compliation to see what I really could do if I sat down and really took it serious, next thing I know I was taking this rap child play to another level.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
To be truly honest with you I been rappin for a year and a few months now and I've done a couple shows. First I had to adjust to it but even tho every time I stole the show.
Your musical influences
I have a few musical influences starting with my Pops, Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, My old neighbor hood where I grew up, females, My swag, my family, my grind and hustle, and my #1 influence out of them all my STRUGGLE!!!
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
I just wanna thank you for taking the time out and getting to know me not only as an artist but also as a person. This here is my life formatted and written to multiple instrumentals to tell one H*LL of a story from the birth of Shon "Lil Talley" Gibbs to what is occuring now in my life. I hope you enjoy every second of my life in which I am willing to share with the entire world thru my music, because I just dont do this for me. I also do this for every person in the world who has a struggle to over come with a dedicated ambition to strive for greatness; And to you my friend "NEVER GIVE UP", your life is what you make it; Lil' Talley signin out. TALLEY
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