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Rap Artist/Song Writer/Producer/Engineer
What's going on my peoples this your boy Komadyan reppin Buffalo NY from the hood they call Cold Spring. I'm a solo rap artist/lyricist. I'm no longer affiliated with the group Damanz which consist of 3 Male rappers from the frozen streets of Ruff Buff Myself, Larry Lee,& Dre ski. We have 3 unique styles with versatility collaboed together 2 give u that upstate flow with a twist of that midwest & Dirty flavor.But unfortunatly we had to depart ways.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes! i perform live at clubs through out the city doing show cases and spitting freestyles on the radio from time 2 time. I love performing because how else can i show my talent and gain respect from my peoples with displaying my art up front and personal. A special moment 4 me is when i was at my first actual battle contest at Sensations Nite Club 4 the Roc Tha Mic Tour in Buffalo. There was a lot of talented mc's non better than me i believe but unfortunatly i was disqualified in the 4th out of 6 rounds by using un acceptable slander but i did my thing and i was proud of myself 4 making it that far in my 1st real battle. Plus i gained CCCCrazy respect from my B-Lo Fam which was my goal
Your musical influences
Bigg, Jay-Z, Nas, Lox, My group members,The Hip Hop community, poetry, Master P's/Russel Simmons Business Mentality
What equipment do you use?
Mic,Pen & Pad