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Self Serve Entertainment
The one stop shop for all your Entertainment needs! Songwriting, Musical Arrangement, Beat Production, Photography, Videography, Promotion & Advertising. For mo
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$elfi$h - Hartford (860)
Robert Daniel II., stage name "$elfi$h (Tha Owner)" is a native to Hartford, Connecticut and within the last 10 years has made Tampa, Florida his second resting place. He is the sole creator of Self Serve Entertainment and has produced for 50+ artists, Independent & Major nationwide. From the first sound at birth, Rob was influenced by jazz and grew up watching bands rehearse in his home. Almost instinctively, this child prodigy had already found his path in life, Music. From age 5 to 11, Rob began with a deep passion for poetry, learning how to read at an accelerated rate, he surpassed his peers and was inducted into a squad of musicians who would change his future forever. The power of suggestion turned those words into songs and started the grueling nights in the studio, crafting the raw talent and personality of a reserved child into a refined man. The gift of playing by ear was inherited from his father, Bass Guitar musician, Robert Daniel Sr. as he began to fuse his passion of writing into the production of music over the next 10 years. Without a producer to make beats for his projects or even a clue about music theory, Rob then known as "BlaQ&Mild", dove into learning Audio Production and started selling beats through contractual agreements to Artists and Businesses, both local and major. Donning the name "DJ Self Serve", and with more experience in audio engineering from DJ'ing his own independent mixtape series "MusiQ For Tha Month", Rob would open up more networks by building his resume in various studios on the East Coast. Through repetitive strategies, Rob gained loyal fans by promoting his team of artists and won awards for his Hip-Hop & Rap singles in 2010-2012, grabbing the attention of larger entertainment entities. After learning the visual aspect of image marketing for artists and corporations, Rob then branded himself "$elfi$h (Tha Owner)" and his company "Self Serve Entertainment, LLC" and provided the industry with a Film Presentation outlet for independent business owners, major corporations and artists from all genres & platforms. With the help of contributors and a vast network of affiliates, Self Serve Entertainment has rapidly become a multi-functional corporation and is expecting to expand even further into other markets by the year 2020.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, Self Serve Entertainment, LLC travels where ever there is a demand! We have interacted with Corporations, Local & Major stars in the industry such as: Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes * McDonald's Corporation * Cricket Wireless * Brooks Brothers Boxing * Future * Shawty Lo * D4L * Lil Boosie * Rick Ross * Vito Banga (Nappy Roots) * Immortal Technique * Chris Rivers * Sees (Corporate TakeOver) * Betrayal of The Martyrs * Maserati Drop * DJ Khaled * DJ Whiplash * DJ Swift * Vybe Beatz * Superstar O * Kajmir Royale * Lead Alliance Media Group * Fort Knocks Studio * Young Brilliant Entertainment * Reborn Records * Many More!
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