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Scientek Basement
Scientek Basement
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58 Tracks
Music Style Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Reagge, House, Chill-out, Drum n Bass, Breakbeat, Beats, Experimental, Turntablism, Everything that rock
Dark Ways
Peak position #24
Electric Walz
Peak position #4
Peak position #28
Evolution feat. Koko Nagaan
Peak position #2
feat DEEP SCHULZZ - King of Swing
Peak position #8
9 songs
to the Scientek Basement music data base, Homepage and Member Page @ Soundclick.com. We are offering a large variety of musical Styles here, from Hip Hop to Jazz, from Drum n Bass to Rock... Vocal and Non-Vocal music. Near the bottom of the page you can see a selection of our newest realeses here at Soundclick.com, or you can follow the "Music" link on the left side. At the moment we have one Album (Differences) and numerous Songs for sale and some for free download. The upcoming Album (Open Minded) will be available soon here. Of course you can prelisten all Song in Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi streams to get an Idea what our music is about. Our Song are mainly made with Reason, Logic and Fruity Loops Software. There are no cover Songs or Remixes, except it is written so.
Band/artist history
Project Name : Scientek Basement Members : Robert Quester - Guitars, Bass, Synths, Keys big grin :D Arno Bege - Beats, Bass, Synths, Keys, Percussions, Scratches wink ;) Scientek Basement = Drum n Bass, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, Turntablism, Lounge, Trip Hop, Electro, Downbeat, House, Techno. Were always lookin for good Singer/Rappers! If you want to collab just write to us. Check out "Quintessence", "ARJ" & "Harmony" .. our latest uploads. BAND DESCRIPTION: Were both 26 years old livin in Cologne, Germany. Its a great City, come and visit us here... :D We started working together as "Scientek Basment" in the end of 2003. We both had some individiual experience with music. Robert has played in several Rock/Funk Bands as Guitarist. I was playin Drums, Percussion and Piano. At that time producing some little beats with old software around 1998. The first beats maybe worth listening ;) were produced and uploaded at mp3.de in the year 2002 (Dj Headz only). More effort and enthusiasm went into our tracks, but there were still a lot things to improve. In 2003 we finished about 15 Songs. The first time we had somethin that we could be proud of and show our Friends and show it to the WWW. You can see the exact upload dates when you click on a song title. 2004 New Beats. More Skills 2005 The Lost Year - The Lost Songs - The Lost Album - Chaos - Waste of a time - But still improving :D .... 9 of that Songs are uploaded here at Soundclick. 2006 Regeneration from 2005! 2007 - WERE BACK! Listen to some of our new Tracks. You will not be disappointed. 1. Harmony 2. ARJ 3. Quintessence 4..... Greets to you all from Robert Quester (Dude/Dj Quester) & Arno Bege (Dj Hïïdz)
Your musical influences
Roni Size, Ltj Bukem, K&D, Omni Trio, Howie B, London Electricity, 4 Hero, DJ Krush, Dj Food, Dj Q-Bert, Dj Hands, Thievery Corporation, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Hendrix, Madonna, ACDC, Sepultura, Biohazard, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Wu-tang-clan, ODB, Camp Lo, Eminem, 50 Cent, 2 Live Crew, Squarepusher, House Of Pain, Run DMC & Aerosmith, Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Naughty By Nature, Tone Loc, Arrested Development, LL Cool J, , Public Enemy, Naughty By Nature, Nonchalant, Delinquent Habits, Paris, Beastie Boys, Snoop Doggy Dog, Ice Cube, Dr.Dre, Luniz,Rockers Revenge, Peech Boys, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Man Parrish , Herbie Hancock, Tyrone Brunson, C.O.D., Newtrament, Hashim, Whodini, Time Zone, Grandmaster Flash, The Furious Five, Bassface Sascha, Angel of Trance, Scientek Basement, Scientek Basement, Scientek Basement, Gotan Project, Dave Weckl, Lemongrass, Mr Scruff, Ninja Tunes, Milk & Jazz, Unknown Error, Noisia, Krs One, Dicarlo, Matabaruka..... to name just a few!
What equipment do you use?
Sampler, Hardware effects, 2 Keyboards, Percussions, 4 Turntables, 3 Mixer, 3 Guitars, PC, Tons of VSTs and Wavs, MO-Phatt...
Anything else?
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