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Malformed XML Element
Malformed XML Element
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I am pretty much just Malformed XML Element, a nerdcore, experimental, general musician. I do what I can.
So, once upon a time, I was digging through the internet. I discovered this amazing act by the name of "MC Hawking." After listening to a few tracks, specifically, Entropy and Big Bizzang, I got hooked on the concept of nerdcore. So, I explored around a little while, and eventually found the whole nerdcore community, in full bloom. Being left out, that was no fun... so I decided, simply, to take place in it. That's it.
Band/artist history
I started. That's about all I can really say.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet, but I would love to play live if I got the time. It would be great, I believe.
Your musical influences
Well, all in all... KMFDM, Rammstein, Modest Mouse, Matisyahu, MC Frontalot, MC Lars, Optimus Rhyme, Beefy, Attack Slug, you know, really anything I listen to. Those are just some things. It goes on for days and days. My most exalted musical inspiration, though, is Buckethead, in general. Les Claypool also provides a great inspiration to achieve, but... who cares? Haha. Basically, anyone I listen to is my inspiration.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio, CoolEditPro or Audacity, a Fender Starcaster, an Epiphone Les Paul Special II (I believe it is), a rock band mic, and a lot of luck.
Anything else?
I am the one known as mXe. Let's talk.
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