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Yung Spark
Yung Spark EnT Sparking up a new movement, now feel the heatttt
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Freshh fitted
Produced by Bchains, the song was written by me and i recorded it on my macbook, i rapped into my internal mic on the mac, i still need a mic for better quality.
Like a Pro
Produced by ma boy Bchains, we wanted a club banger he came up with this on FL studio, and took care of the rest, recorded of my macbook internal mic, when i get a mic the quality will be alot better
Blinded by D Flashes
Produced my snicull my boy from d STL
YunG SparK was raised in Providence R.I. in the Hartford projects by his mother, he's been on his own since the age of 16, he has putt himself through college via an athletic baseball scholarship he recieved from the University of Rhode Island, Yung Spark looks to making music to express his thoughts and feelings and has been making music for a couple of months now. You can catch more of this young self motivated artist on www.youtube.com/yungsparkent where he shows the world what it is like to be in college as an athlete and music artist ontop of socializinf with his friends while enjoying the college life.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Anywhere & Everywhere possible.
Your musical influences
Drake, Wayne, Kanye, Soulja cause he came from shit now hes living it up, fab, juelz, jones
What equipment do you use?
i currently record of my mac i havent been able 2 save up for a mic so i just soit into the interal mic on the laptop using garageband.
Anything else?
check my other sites out if you like my music. www.youtube.com/yungsparkent www.souljaboytellem.com/yungsparkent www.myspace.com/yungspark14 www.twitter.com/yugspark
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