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Mondays Not Home
Mondays Not Home
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Mondays Not Home is at this time a pair of 15 year old lads from Warrnambool in country Victoria, Australia. The sound from these boys is definitely NOT country
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'Mondays Not Home' formed in May 2008 The band currently consists of 15 year old Travis McCarthy and Daniel Farrell. The lads hail from Victoria Australia and have been hammering out songs together for the last year or so. The result being that 'Mondays Not Home' have recently recorded two new songs. "Windows" is currently released here on Soundclick and other Internet music sites. "B.C.ause You Asked Me To", a deeply heartfelt ballad that reaches into the psyche of today's youth, is due for release late May. An earlier recording 'Leaving' will be added here soon. The song 'Windows' was written by Daniel as a tribute to his younger brother Kiaren Grae who appears as the main character in the true to life video that was created for the song. This film clip is aimed at raising awareness about organ donation registration. Kiaren is currently on the list for a liver transplant. A powerful blend of Power Pop with a punk edge and a strong hooky beat hammered out by a great drummer are the elements of the song that will grab your attention immediately. Farrell's distinctive vocal weaves through the guitar sounds with a skill that belies his years. In 'Windows' Many listeners have commented on the lyrical strength that slams home the storyline. McCarthy excels in the acoustic guitar department on 'Windows', if you wait a while you will also hear his work with electric guitar on some of the new pieces. The current duo is supported by some awesome backing from a great set of accomplished musicians. All this is topped of with the well known production and engineering skills of David Pendragon. The other musicians appearing on 'Windows' are: DRUMS: Donovan Gall Rhythm and lead electric guitar: Mike Foster Bass Guitar: Stephanie Krowka The band also thanks Micheal Corsini and Rob Grant for bass playing on versions of "B.Cause you asked" This is the first official release from this fresh new band, it will be followed up with one or two of their Pop Ballad pieces shortly. Give it a listen and hopefully add it to your favourites. You can reach the High Definition film clip by cut and pasting this link: http://www.vimeo.com/4495630
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Arrangements are being made for live appearances in the future.
Your musical influences
A muti varied patchwork of eclecticism, [is that a word?]
What equipment do you use?
Electric and Acoustic guitars Vocals, Drums Bass
Anything else?
The band is currently looking for permanent members. You will need to have your own recording facilities at home or access to some so we can initially do some Internet collaboration.