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Scrub Club Records
Scrub Club Records
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The underground's most dedicated hip hop label, taking over city by city with pure truth and flavor. We do this for the love, not for the money!
Welcome to Scrub Club Record's hosted audio page. This is where you'll find all the hard-hitting music from our label and exclusive internet-only tracks you can't get anywhere else. All of our albums are free! Download in order, then go to our official website to download and print the booklets!
Band/artist history
MadHatter and his bandmate Wicket started an act called Shadow Puppets, an underground storytelling group, in 2001. It got Hatter's feet wet and gave him a taste for the scene. The Puppets broke apart after a year to move on to better things, and Scrub Club Records was born. Hatter, now a solo artist, continued to rock shows and promote, slowly bringing together a family-sized crew that would die for the cause. Today, the label sports 3 other artists, 2 crew members and MadHatter himself, each person with a different style and story to tell. Scrub Club has a hard work ethic that most emcees and bands nowadays just wouldn't be able to handle. Blood, sweat, and tears is the cliche' that everyone at this label lives by. We truly do this for the love and NOT the money!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play as many shows as we can, but it takes some serious balls to have us perform at a club. This music is unedited, off the hook, and definately wild.
Your musical influences
Musical influences are so varied with this music. Hatter was raised on every single style of music imaginable with a father who owned a studio and a Mother who loved anything with a beat. We're lovers of both higher-level hip-hop and heavy metal/industrial music, and the music certainly shows a wide variety of audio to listen to, something anyone can relate to that loves this wide world of music and self-expression.
What equipment do you use?
We use all sorts of programs to create music, from key programs to sythesize keyboards like Cakewalk to beat makers such as Fruityloops and Acid... finishing it all up in various mixing programs. I LOVE making keyboard beats, but coming across the keys is rare with my budget.
Anything else?
Thanks for supporting this fresh, original music. We're taking over the underground, city by city! Know the name. This is the No Dough Movement!
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