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Tim Mullally
Tim Mullally
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With core influences like Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix, Tim Mullally has no lack of resources for inspiration. For nearly 20 years hes has been performing his own style of alternative pop, rock and blues in the Tampa Bay region. Whether fronting psychedelic rock trio Tommy Tye Dye, lead guitarist for Multi-Color-House or collaborator with Robert Wegmann; Tim has been inspired both in the studio and on stage. Witness his solo release Mountain Hike, the Mullally/Wegmann release The Mayfly Glimmer, or the recently released Tommy Tye Dye retrospective for solid evidence. Over the past few years, Tim has retired the 64 Strat, the Marshall stack and the guitar synthesizers and bonded with the acoustic guitar. I think its the ultimate challenge, explains Tim, to make music with nothing but 6 strings, your voice, and maybe a harmonica. Currently performing a variety of covers and original songs off his latest release Acoustic Mullallyland, now available on iTunes, Tim has embraced a simpler, more organic sound. A song like Why Why Why with its edgy hook, questions the morals of our world leaders and the human race. Tim remarks, Life is all about emotion and energy. Those are the key elements that people respond to. I try to bring them together in my music. Thats what Dylan does, thats what Lennon and Hendrix did, and thats what all the best musicians do.
Band/artist history
visit http://www.timmullally.com for history
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, mostly city sponsored events, festivals, some club gigs. I love playing live.
Your musical influences
dylan, hendrix, beatles, stones, bob marley, peter gabriel, paul simon, xtc, tff, talking heads, dmb,
What equipment do you use?
guild and takamine acoustics, 64 fender strat, gibson sg, parker fly, fender acoustasonic amp, marshall club and country 4x10 combo,