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Les Forgue Blues Gospel and Cualquiera
Forest Park, IL  USA
May 12, 2009
1,697 plays
Welcome to this page and thanks for checking me out. I'm not a band, just a solo (amateur) performer. Hoping you couldn't tell I am amateur by what your hear.
Band/artist history
I was born at a young age, and the rest is history. I'll fill in more details at some point. (got that phrase from my lovely wife.. she often says "at some point", which when at the end of a question means "Right now".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Usually I do play live. but at times I play recorded. Oh yes I love it. I love to play my music and sing. Special moments? every moment is.
Your musical influences
John Lee Hooker Lightning Hopkins Howling Wolf Melvin Jackson Arthur Crudup
What equipment do you use?
acoustic Harptone single cut away flat top arch back round hole. acoustics with pickups: Kay(I think) with Olsen Electronics used-to-be soundhole pickup but now glued between f-holes and a 70+ yr old S S Stewart w/ ancient DeArmond pickup amps: Crate 30 Taxi, Fender M80.
Anything else?
Anything goes? okay, May God bless all who read this, may God by the Holy Spirit lovingly draw each one close and may each one reap joy peace and eternal life from the supreme sacrifice of the Lord God Jesus! (You all SAID anything goes.) I don't push my beliefs on anyone, but had to use this opportunity.
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Forest Park, IL  USA
May 12, 2009
1,697 plays