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Charlie Solak
Charlie Solak
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Solak - Charlie Solak
Mars Blues
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Look Through A Glass Darkly
A Song At The Music Mess
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This profile is by no means bragging time but a typical musicians story of which we all have hundreds. I traveled pretty extensively throughout the US. Home base was either NY or CA. I spent a lot of time in California. Met some funny, great people. I met a bass player and singer who had a demo album who invited me to listen to the album and play with them, just like that. I listened and really didn't hear anything I liked and passed. The group name was Stories and the album contained Brother Louie. Remember that part. I moved back to NY. I had a number one single in upstate New York recorded by a band called Beggars, managed and produced by my brother John. I wrote, sang and played organ and piano, on the song, The song was called "Shady Rosy". On the strength of the money, sales plus jukebox plays, performance of the single, John had a deal ready to be signed with Atlantic Records. The President of Atlantic just had a number one hit with a song which was his first with Atlantic, just after taking the job. The day the deal was to be signed, he passed on "Shady Rosy", it wasn't strong enough to be a number one which he needed to keep his roll going. The name of that hit song we were to follow was Brother Louie by Stories. Huge mistake on my part don't you think. At this time, I presented about 12 songs to Frank Zappa and got signed to his publishing company. Unfortunate timing, he found out his lawyer/manager was stealing his money. Nothing came of it but apparently Zak thought I was crazy enough to sign. At the end of the tour below, my manager from Zak's publishing company, Bob Duffy, had me in a rock band with horns. That was unusual but it sounded great. Nothing came of it. In NY, I had an opportunity to be in a warm up band for a singer, piano player, writer named Martee LeBow. She invited me to do a tour opening up for Seals and Crofts, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Chuck Leavell & Sea Level and Batdorf & Rodney. Flew all over the US, with that tour. I was also representing Moog with a pair of PolyMoogs. It was a lot of fun. Old days.... Bands and bands and more bands followed. Fast forward to the last few years. I managed to post close to 800 songs on mp3.com in the last couple years, I made them all free streaming and download, then laid back for a while. These songs are old things, some live, some band songs of the various groups I was in, live solo, studio stuff and pretty much all genres, then I started putting the newer stuff up, then the newest stuff up, then ran out of wind. It's a biography in song of my life and the bands I was part of. Some good, some acceptable and some bad. Self taught. Best friend in Hollywood at the time is Gary Goetzman, (movie director), he used me on Chrysler commercials and I will always remember our rendition of "Expressway To Your Heart", recorded by George Tobin at Sound Recorders in Burbank. Actually, he probably doesn't remember me. Thank you. Charlie
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Very Specials nowadays. I really do like it because I've taken vacations away from it. Too many to mention.
Your musical influences
R & B, Blues, Alternative so I don't box myself in. Keyword, Charlie Solak.
What equipment do you use?
Karma, Shure KSM 32, TC-Helicon Voiceworks, Fostex and Tannoy monitors, custom built Compaq laptop, Sonar, Fostex VF-16, Plextor SCSI CD Flexwriter, Fostex headphones.
Anything else?
Due to completely change above at anytime.
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