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Mindfix a.k.a Sofaclese
Mindfix a.k.a Sofaclese
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Mindfix UK Hip Hop, Lyracist, N.W London, Wordsmith, Rap, Rapper, Real Lyracism on big beats makin for deep bangers as well as mellow vibes
Mindfix.....The N.W London based lyracist and wordsmith, making a stand against the generic nothingness pumped out and fed to the masses every day on the radio...hard hitting wit and imaginitive use of verbs and metaphors meet free roaming flow and swagger to create something all round deeper and more rewarding than your average... put down your arms,pick up your mics
Have you performed in front of an audience?
been focussin on acting for a while so havent been pushin the music as much as I would like- I now just want my stuff to be heard-it doesnt bother where when or how...as long as it's there
Your musical influences
too many names real lyricists and flowers for the UK: Taskforce Jehst Rhyme Asylum SonnyJim Asaviour Skinnyman Roots Manuva Rodney P etc etc etc as well as some U.S stuff such as Ludacris, Big L, Common, Nas, and you can't touch Eminems Old work....no matter what he has released since his wordplay back in the ol days was a different level
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
All this hostility from the U.S about the UK aint doin it.....stop that talk- it jus aint true Jehst n the rest have already proven that, it's just about lookin in the right places