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Terry Hoknes
Terry Hoknes
18 Tracks
Songwriter from Canada and multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, performer. All styles and musical genres including Pop Rock, Hard Rock, Country, Pop, Dan
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The Puppet
Childhood Sweetheart
I Can See My Breath
I Will Come Back
Full time Entertainer / Performer / Singer/Songwriter - Multi-instrumentalist from Canada. Continually performing and traveling - has toured worldwide! Writer of over 1100 songs in numerous genres in radio, tv, movie, country, instrumental ,rock, pop, progressive rock, punk, etc. Runs the worldwide online discussion groups of the Billboard Charts - music history and chart expert. Always on top of all new music trends/hits/genres. Always willing to collaborate with other songwriters and always exploring and trying new things. hoknes@hotmail.com Wants to collaborate with other serious songwriters to write and record commercial songs for any popular genres - Very flexible in working in POP / HARD ROCK / DANCE / COUNTRY / HIP-HOP http://www.myspace.com/orangelucyband Has own home recording studio and is multi-instrumentalist and can play all instruments and vocal parts as required. Please contact at hoknes@hotmail.com
Band/artist history
Q: What made you realize that music was your path? A: Grew up with strong influence from Beatles and various music lessons starting at age 9. Music has been my lifelong obsession. I've played professionally my entire life and always enjoyed creating music, recording and performing. Q: How would you describe the music that you typically create? A: My influences are so vast that I am always trying something new. Generally I pick one of 3 main genres to go after: Modern hard rock, pop/rock or Country. I trained in many different instruments until I was able to play them all professionally - this enables me to be versatile and record anything I want in various genres and styles. I play guitar, piano/keyboards, double bass, bass guitar, drums, vocals. Q: Who are your biggest musical influences? A: Always a big fan of late 60s pop and rock so much of my personal favorites come from that era - everything from The Beatles to Spanky And Our Gang. I was a radio DJ who taught the history of pop/rock music and am a music trivia expert on all decades of music so the influences flow in from everywhere to this date. Q: What makes your music unique? A: I think having such a wide variety of interests and open-mindedness to all music genres allows me to mixup ideas so that I have no problem turning a Beatles song into a Pussycat Dolls or Metallica song. Q: Has there been one particular moment in your musical career that you're most proud of? A: I have performed over 1000 shows in my career and have an opportunity to play for some great audiences which makes performing totally fulfilling. I did perform at Europe's largest Country Music Festival in 2001 playing in front of about 20,000 people - that was great fun. I love entertaining and getting the crowd in a fun mood.
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