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Hata Proof Crew
Hata Proof Crew
7 Tracks
Optimistic Real hip hop group of young teenagers trying to do it big.
This is H.P.C. We're two high school students from Shelton, Washington. we like to keep our music real, and keep a positive influence in our lyrics. we discovered our rapping talents during freestyle battles on the football bus rides home. Y.P., Young Platnum, is a big boy with big dreams. Growing up from the streets of Seattle, he knows how to handle himself in the real world. He's got something special with this rap game. JLH, Jacob Leon Holbrook, is a white boy who's been doubted by everyone around him. Growing up in the suburban life, he's never really quite gone through the things that YP has. He likes to keep things positive in his rhymes and talk about optimistic events. Never claiming to be something he's not, JLH jsut keeps it real and keeps it flowin. This is Hata Proof.
Band/artist history
We started a few years ago, With a ten dollar computer mic and just plain old windows record. weve now acquired a very nice audio-technica mic and a yamaha mixer board, along with adobe edition. now we can harness our musical talent at a quality that people can actually enjoy. our group is very young, so our history is still in the making.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have not yet played live, but have a few shows lined up just at our High School. We are excited as ever.
Your musical influences
Our biggest influences are each other. we also look up to the likes of drake, wayne, pac, god's bloc artists, and many other artists out there makin it big. Personal shout out to KaP 11, who showed me music should be more about the money cars and girls.
What equipment do you use?
audio-technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone. YAMAHA MG10/2 mixing console. Adobe Edition 1.5
Anything else?
We do it for the music.
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