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An instrumental blend of 63 years of influences!
Greetings visitors to the Soundworld! First and foremost, my thanks go to God for my many blessings and for the ability to be able to make my own music even though I have no formal music training. I suppose there is a time and place for everything under the sun. I originally got started in this electronic music and MIDI world back in 1992 on a whim, never before having played piano or keyboard and basically not having a single clue about how any of it worked. Undaunted, I purchased a 49-key Casio keyboard synth and off I went. There is no doubt that technology has given amateur musicians and hobbyists like myself the ability to make pretty good sounding and even professional sounding music without having to visit and lay down serious coinage on hiring a studio like the old days. Another consequence and benefit of the digital age has allowed musicians of all stripes and from different parts of the world to come together on forums and music sites like SoundClick to discuss ideas and get instant feedback. I met a chap from Panama named Coronado (not his real name) on Karma Labs Forum in 2009 whose fantastic stories had such an impact on me that I ended up naming several songs after them. Coronados Wild Night in Medellin, Coronados Jungle Adventure and Coronados Ocean Adventure were all inspired by real events and told by the master storyteller himself in a fashion that had me greatly amused. And just as fast as an unlikely digital friendship had emerged, Coronado was gone from the Forum. And so, I like to think that legends like Coronado are much like butterfliesthey display their beauty for a short time and then are gone. But the stories (and the memories) remain to remind me of a special time when I was just starting to get serious about getting my music out there for others to hear. I met Moreno Caponi on the very same Karma Labs Forum and can say without doubt that I am very proud to be able to display his lovely digital art on so many of my songs. I would tell Mo that I was working on a song and what it was about or the name and he would start producing these beautiful digital paintings that would so often just blow me away because it would be so close to what I had in my minds eye. He also did my music page banner to honor my fascination with the archaeology of Ancient Egypt. I am so jazzed to have Mos cover art adorn my albums Jazz Age, Journey to Jegonga, The Harmonic Labyrinth, Windows into the Soundworld and Jazzland. My eighth album Bridge will also sport another Mo original as I came to call them. And so, this unlikely trio from different parts of the world once discussed what it would be like to toss ideas back and forth and come up with an amalgamation of sounds from all three. Alas, it never came to pass, but in the interim, I had come up with a name like The CoMoDo Bros. Popcorn Fart Club Band or something goofy like that and Coronado remarked that it sounded too much like one of those cheap lounge club acts. Well I just couldnt let a good idea go to waste, so in jest, I formed an outlet with The CoMoDo Bros. Lounge Club Band series to honor yet another one of those humorous Coronado anecdotes. And so I continue in the Soundworld five years on. The songs are fewer and farther in-between these days due to family life and travel, but the joy remains and I am thankful not only for the music I produce, but also for the friendships and cultural art forms that have ensued on some of the forums that I am a part of. Last but not least, I must pay respect and give great thanks to Mr. Stephen Kay, the inventor of KARMA (Kay Algorithmic Real-time Music Architecture). This feature on my Korg OASYS has been the main catalyst that has enabled me to be able to produce so many songs since 2009. SoundworldA.D. Discography: 2009 through 2011: Jazz Age, Journey to Jegonga, Windows into the Soundworld, Musical Instrument Digital Interphase, The Harmonic Labyrinth 2012: Jazzland 2013: Event Horizon Thanks for visiting the Soundworld page and have a blessed day!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I used to play Beatles, Led Zeppelin & Pink Floyd tunes on my acoustic guitars at lake parties in my younger years! I just love playing outdoors.
Your musical influences
All Classic Rock. Motown, R&B (mostly 60's & 70's), Progressive Rock, Jazz, New Age, Ambient, Ambient Dub, Worldbeat, Ethnic.
What equipment do you use?
Synthesizers, drums, guitars.
Anything else?
Someday, I will actually learn to play keyboards properly and learn to read and write music! Then, I will be dangerous...LOL! Thanks to my family and friends for giving me their support all of these years. You're the best! And last but certainly not least, I thank God for reminding me that I was losing my joy in life by chasing after things that just weren't that important. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord for giving me back my joy! (Romans 8:38-39) Peace! .:':.SoundworldA.D. .:':.