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divine is nice productions
divine is nice productions
160 Tracks
I make all kinds of beats, Rap, HipHop, R @ B, Club, Pop, Jazz, Alternative, Experimental, Reggae, Electro Hop, Techno, etc.
What's up y'all, my name is Divine. I'm a up and coming music producer trying to get my music out to the masses. I make all kinds of beat's Rap, R@B, Pop, Jazz, Club, Whatever. I'm new to the production game but I'm going to keep doing what i have to do to get my skills up to par. This ain't a game to me I'm trying to make this my new profession. i want my music to be heard on a radio stations everywhere. I'm going to keep doing what i have to do to make that happen. I can also be found at DivineIsNicePro on RocBattle.com, Divine Warren on facebook, DivineIsNicePro on Twitter. Beats can be leased on my page now through PayPal (Non Exclusive Lease $10 a beat). To contact me call (215)300-8711. Peace, Divine(Divine Is Nice Productions)
Band/artist history
I just started to make beats this year, March 2009. It's always been my dream to make music for people to hear.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I just make beats in my house. I love making music. I listen to Rap and R@b 24/7, so sometimes i try to make beats that doesn't just fit those music format's. I'm trying to push myself to be able to make all kinds of beats not just the type's i hear all the time.
Your musical influences
I'm influenced by a lot of people and musical styles. Everybody from Jay-Z, The Dream, Neyo to Stevie Wonder ,Timberland, Havoc, Dip Set, Nas, D Block, G Unit, Biggie, R. Kelly, 2Pac to Barry White. I like a lot of the old as well as some of the new record producers.
What equipment do you use?
A Studio Program & controller.
Anything else?
I want people all around the world to be able to hear and appreciate my music. I want to continue make contacts with people in the music industry. I want to make beats for up@ coming artists as well as the vets in the industry. I hope to start a record company later down the line for all types of music. I going to continue to work on my craft.
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