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A unique flavor of futureRETRO sound and songs...the past blended with the future to yield a new taste! A Follower Of Jesus Christ!
MELEO is one of the finest men I have metI am honored to call him a brother, a near and dear friend. When he walks into a room it just Lights Up ! Look Out WorldMELEO Has ARRIVED ! Originally From Chicago, Illinois MELEO has been playing music since he was a young child of 11 years old. He started on the drums, then the piano and ultimately the guitar. His broad background lends itself to exceptional composing, writing and arranging of very unique material. Professional History: Through the years he was blessed with working with some of the finest musicians in the Los Angeles area including Ronnie Laws, Grover Washington , George Benson, Al Jarreau and Lonnie Liston Smith. Performances included appearances at many excellent venues including Soul Train, Carnegie Hall to name a few. His work included playing the guitar, being a band leader along with co-writing and arranging of songs. MELEO was essential and a major reason that The Friends And Strangers Album Went Gold With Ronnie Laws. MELEOThe Style And The Person! MELEO is a simply amazing musician and song writer! His styles are unique blends of the colors of sound that influenced him in the past along with the addition of his own special sauce to sweeten or spice it up! These styles of music are a blend of The Past and A Unique Future Sound...Bands like Earth Wind And Fire, Johnny Guitar Watson and others come to mind when listening to the variety of styles while knowing the sound is uniquely MELEO. His music and songs are like what you might expect to hear as New Music coming forward from the 70's and 80's...the old feel with a new twist! MELEOs work is new and refreshing to say the least while introducing younger generations to a Fresh Feel of the past! You just never know what to expect next from this fine artist! Personality plays a large part in MELEOs work. Those who meet him are truly blessed to come to know him. His heart, humor and caring spirit shines through all of his music. He is a character to say the least! This is why he is loved and remembered by so many. MELEO will be heard worldwideIntroduced by His Many Recordings but also through many Unique Forthcoming Videos that will be produced by Cornell dAngelo at Musikreativ Studios. How MELEO Makes Music: MELEO Is The Recording Band. MAny recordings were done using a drum machine and his Roland ready Strat running through a Guitar Synth along with other synths and devices. It is amazing to hear the many instruments and brass that were actually generated through his guitar. He has a wonderful feel along with a certain whimsicalness to his music! MELEO also performs with other Artists at MusiKreativ Studios in many collaborations. Recently released music has a song with Desmond Haney performing on B-3 in the music entitled Time Travel! MELEO and the Director of MusiKreativ Studios worked together to produce most of the selections recently released along with his vast library of material. "Microphone" is an example of our working together to make a song shine by just having fun! Not to mention, the song was sung in one shot spontaneously without lyrics in hand. We hope that you enjoy the work ! With Love And Blessings In Christ, In Yahshua, Melvin MELEO Robinson And Cornell dAngelo Contact MELEO at 818-967-7761 or E-mail to MeleosCosmos@hotmail.com
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Contact MELEO at 818-967-7761 or E-mail to MeleosCosmos@hotmail.com