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JOHN DAVID THOMAS (JOHN THOMAS) is an ECLECTIC indie CD artist & composer/songwriter on JDT Records, a composer, producer, pianist, synthesist
Alabama D.A.
Peak position #22
Night Visions #2 (Remastered Nov 2017)
Peak position #92
Death of Rock and Roll (remastered 2017)
Peak position #94
Chant for Orchestra (Deja Vu 1972) (Remastered)
Peak position #1
The Future Is Now - After the Seventh Trumpet
Peak position #1
Hi, I'm John, currently living in Staten Island (New York City), New York, USA at 110 Henderson Avenue, #305A, zip 10301. I just composed, arranged, produced, performed, engineered, mixed, mastered, and did all the effects and graphic design and photography (everything!) of a new, major 11-minute instrumental classical/World fusion music work entitled "The Future Is Now - After the Seventh Trumpet" which is now on SPOTIFY (along with 55 other original tracks of mine) and Amazon Music and TomatoShark.com/storefront/johnthomas1951/ and will be on Pandora soon and You Tube and the world! It took me about 6 weeks of solid work to do everything "one note at a time", the hard way! I also spent 2 weeks getting it in final approved format for the distributor (for worldwide use and sales of my mp3s and flac's" Do a "Google- search" for it! Also, I have new websites...more of that later...I am poor right now, but am hopeful that financially things will improve soon! I will talk more about my new music later...I used a Roland Integra 7 synth module (with 8,000 sounds in it) to perform and record all the music on this new work! Immediately after my music was completed and sent to the distributor, my new Dell Inspiron 3567 notebook PC had a problem where I can not 'boot up' the computer at all! So I can't do any more recording and composing till that problem is solved! Now, go to my websites at: tomatoshark.com/storefront/johnthomas1951/ and jdtrecordsjohndavidthomasphotography.com and on PINTEREST (photo collections) at www.pinterest.com/johnt1951 and Twitter at www.twitter.com/John_Thomas1951 and Facebook at www.facebook.com/johnt1951 ... also, I am NOW on famous YouTube.com website...51 music videos (songs/compositions/tracks) of mine are there for you to listen to...just enter my full name in their search box, search engine, and the top result is the one to click on to see my CD albums and hear my music there...the search result that says: "John David Thomas - Top Tracks - 51 " go to these major websites of mine also: www.onemodelplace.com/photographers/john-david-thomas (sometimes offline now) with 330+ of my photos there to see, see mymany beautiful female model friends there!!! and www.cdbaby.com/cd/jdt1 and .../jdt2 and .../jdt3 and .../jdt4 on famous CDBABY website, where you can hear clips of my final, finished, mastered original music, and you can buy downloads (mp3s or FLAC files) of my music there. You can also listen online to about 60 or more of my original songs and instrumental music compositions (tracks) on famous website MY SPACE on my two sites there (and you can see many of my friends there) at: www.myspace.com/johndavidthomas1951/music/songs and www.myspace.com/john1951usa/music/songs Also, I am on FACEBOOK at: www.facebook.com/johnt1951 (you can request me to add you as a friend there) and I am on TWITTER at: www.twitter.com/john1951usa I am on WORDPRESS.com (Blogs) at this URL: johndavidthomasphotography.wordpress.com and john1951usa.wordpress.com and other sites. I am a longtime member of famous ASCAP in New York City, NY USA and Mensa (High I.Q. society) and former member of: AES, PPA, and NARAS and A.F. of M. Local 47 in Hollywood, California USA. I have been recording my music in pro studios since 1970. I am in 11 editions (1995-2006)of "WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA" and 15 editions (1992-2006) of "WHO'S WHO IN THE WORLD" . I live in Staten Island (New York City), New York 10301 USA in an adult community about 300 adults here in this building). I do not have much money now. I want great things to happen for me here in New York City and all over the USA and world...I want my music to be heard by the whole world and I want to be extremely successful, financially and artistically and musically and I want my photography career to also skyrocket...I also want to be a famous fashion photographer, like for Vogue magazine, etc. I love the "good vibes" of New York City, so I plan to make this my primary home for now... I used to own 7 pro keyboards and synthesizers: an Oberheim 4 voice synth $ 5700 from Vic Zinn Music of Noblesville INdiana, I bought it from Doug Babb in 1978 with two loans that took me 3 years just to pay for my synth....I used it on my songs and recordings of "IN YOUR HEART" 1983 disco song I wrote and recorded at 700 West Studio in New Palestine, Indiana on Highway 40 east of Indianapolis at Mo Whittamore's studio, relative of Jim Sanders my first bass guitar player on my early recordings and songs in Bloomington, Indiana and Indianapolis at GILFOY SOUND STUDIO in Bloomington, Indiana in summers of 1970 and 1972 and 1973. I have played keyboards and piano (even cello once in a while) in famous rock bands and variety bands in Indiana and Arizona for 10 years in the 1960s, 1973 and 1979 and the 1980s. (The Rebel Kind and FIRE from 1967-69 in Indianapolis (I played a Farfisa organ from Italy) and I was in a rock band called "GOOD CONDUCT" at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana in 1973 (we did classic rock including DOORS, Iron Butterfly, Rolling Stones, SPIRIT, James Gang, Beatles, and much more. I then played keyboards and synths in JETSTREAM from 1978-1983 in Indianapolis and central Indiana (we did a famous concert in KOKOMO, Indiana in 1982. Later, from 1984-86, I played keyboards for the best nightclub singer in Phoenix, Arizona named DEE DEE RYAN at the Longhorn Saloon in Apache Junction, Arizona. I also played keyboards for Suzanne Heim and the Gulch Gang at the world famous PINNACLE PEAK PATIO in Pinnacle Peak, Arizona for 14 nights in a row during August 1984 in Pinnacle Peak, Arizona, for people from all over the world, including Australia, South Africa and U.K. and Europe. The drummer with me at Pinnacle Peak Patio was Rick Curtis, a hard-driving country western drummer, who at that time was living with a girlfriend named B. Welles, who is daughter of world famous actor ORSON WELLES who starred in the famous movie, CITIZEN KANE and who was also famous for his 1930's radio broadcast about the H G WELLES sci fi book and movie, "The War of the Worlds", which was so realistic that many people in the USA thought we were being invaded by Martians with a death ray in the USA, that many Americans in this 1930s radio broadcast actually committed suicide and other bad things. That's it for now! Hope you enjoy my music! Spread the word if you like it!
Band/artist history
JOHN DAVID THOMAS (aka John Thomas)...John was born in March 1951 in a small midwestern college town of Muncie, Indiana, the first-born of 4 children, and the son of musical parents...his mother was a graduate of Indiana University School of Music with a degree in classical piano (B.A. in 1947)...she played the Grieg Piano Concerto at that time, and studied with the German pianist, Hoffzimmer, who was a pupil of world-famous classical composer, Busoni. John David Thomas is a lifelong pianist and composer, and played keyboards in rock/jazz/variety bands for 10 years, and began his recording career at age 19 at Gilfoy Sound Studios in Bloomington, Indiana (at which time he first recorded his classical-rock masterpiece, "Death of Rock and Roll" with 8 trumpets, 2 drum kits, multiple keyboards and piano, 2 bass guitars, 24 singers (6 men, 6 women recorded twice), and zillions of percussion instruments!!) John was offered a national songwriting contract by Tree Publishing Co. in Nashville, Tennessee in 1972, but turned down the offer due to his being required to move to Nashville and drop out of college...something he did not want to do! (The contract was offered by a woman from CBS Records in New York City who moved to Nashville.) After 5 years of college (2 years at Purdue and 3 years at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana), John received his Bachelor's degree in Music Theory & Composition from BSU in 1976. He is currently a composer and pianist, who composed new music daily on a Balwin grand piano where he have lived from 1992-2004...he is a solo artist and has also been an arranger/orchestrator of his own original classical, romantic, jazz, New Age, piano, synthesizer, and orchestral music (leaving the option open for future "avant-garde" and dramatic music in the future for movies, TV, and CDs/radio)...John plays pro keyboards such as the Kurzweil K2000 with custom 3rd-party sounds of real instruments (most orchestral instrumental sounds are in this Kurzweil!!)...he recorded several NEW CD's in 2002 and 2003, and has had 10 new CD albums released since 1999 on his own personal CD label: JDT Records, and through the former huge music company and California CD label: "MP3.com", which was the manufacturer of the CDs. His CD albums ("Spirit Music", "Desires of the Heart", "From Me to You", "Musical Essences", "The Journey of Life", "Music for Bethany" and "The Avant-Garde of John David Thomas") are mostly his new solo piano works, plus "synthesizer" music, and his MIDI/synth "orchestral" music (created "one note at a time, by hand", WITHOUT using a sequencer!!!) All new CDs and compositions of JOHN's have been recorded by him since 1992... They are extremely creative, artistic, multi-faceted, multi-style and very GIFTED compositions of his, he has become PROLIFIC as a composer...they demonstrate the ECLECTIC, MODERN, cosmopolitan, urban complexity of this "present-day COMPOSER"!! (John is a member of ASCAP since 1974, as a published composer, and again with ASCAP since 1987...also a member of A F of M Local 47 in Hollywood, CAlifornia, USA and NARAS (Grammy-awards organization) and RMALA (Recording Musicians Association of Los Angeles)...He was admitted to MENSA, the high IQ society in 1983 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA and has been a member of them for about 20 years...also, he has belonged to the Audio Engineering Society for years. John is currently expanding his career in the arts. He plans to make a "music video" like a music DVD of him as a solo pianist and keyboardist in Hollywood, California later in 2006 or 2007 and also to work with new and current artists and bands in their new CD projects and music videos. He composes regularly and often on the piano where he lives and works. He loves to compose "free form improv art music and mood music", both melodic music and abstract art music. He plans to record much more music on CDs of his for the future, once he gets some new recording equipment and a new computer.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't perform live concerts at present, but I am available for the right price...I have played keyboards and synths in famous rock bands and variety bands in the past (Jetstream, Good Conduct, John David (1972-1974), Dee Dee Ryan and Ryan's express (AZ) and Suzanne Heim and the Gulch Gang (for world audiences at Pinnacle Peak, Arizona in 1984. I used to play solo piano at major resorts in Scottsdale, Arizona and north of there from October 1986-May 1987, at The Clarion Inn/McCormick's Ranch Resort and also at The BOULDERS Resort, north of Scottsdale...I liked the jobs themselves...it is great being your own boss!! I had special moments at The Longhorn in Apache Junction, Arizona from 1984-1986, where I played keyboards (5 of them!!) for Dee Dee Ryan, the #1 nightclub singer of Phoenix, Arizona at that time! And also, loved it at the resorts when a group of young people came into the Clarion Inn and requested that I play "IN-a-GADA-da-VIDA" by Iron Butterfly on the piano for them...which I did with great delight!! I loved the music of the 1980's which I performed so often during that time period on keyboards and piano, in both Arizona and also Indianapolis, Indiana earlier (during my "JETSTREAM" days)...I loved recording in the pro recording studios in Indiana and in Scottsdale, Arizona in the 1970's and 1980's...now, I live and do my music work in Staten Island, New York 10301-2108 USA. I recently composed, arranged, performed, produced, and recorded a major, NEW 11-minute classical and world fusion musical work entitled "The Future Is Now - After the's NEW WORR Seventh Trumpet"...which just now, as of December 21, 2017, was NUMBER ONE ON THE WORLD CHARTS, WORLDWIDE, FOR THE CATEGORY OF WORLD MUSIC on this WEBSITE of SOUNDCLICK which is Global!!! This is huge!!! I live in Staten Island, New York 10301-2108 zip code at 110 Henderson Avenue, Room 204A. I am not happy with certain things here! Like no privacy and no sex allowed!!! And a total ZERO social life and social friendliness! And my relatively low-income here. Only $ 17,000 a year for me. Which is considered "poverty" here where I live in New York, USA. I have no women for me here, I get lonely and depressed sometimes. No fun. I feel like I am in the "wilderness"!!! I have been told that my enemies have "smeared me here" in New York/Staten Island, and neighborhood!!! Character-assassination!!! I want to have lots of money and move, if possible and get my own place to live and have privacy and a private life. I want to travel to London, England and Europe and possibly relocate if I can get a passport and money!!!
Your musical influences
I'm influenced by zillions of composers, songwriters, bands, and musicians!! But to name a few, my music probably is most similar in style to Vangelis, but the classical composers have a strong influence on me, as well as the great rock bands of the 60's, 70's, 80's and so on...classically-speaking, I'm influenced by Stravinsky, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Sibelius, Debussy, Copland, Xenakis, Pierre Boulez, Webern, Berg, Stockhausen, etc...as far as rock bands of influence, it would be The Beatles and Frank Zappa (2 opposites of each other), and The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, etc. ...as far as jazz groups, it would be Weather Report, Jean-Luc Ponty, John McLaughlin, and lately, Spyro Gyra...I love MANY groups and MANY composers and musicians!! And MANY styles!
What equipment do you use?
I use about 6 modern pro keyboards: Kurzweill K2000 with tons of sounds; Korg 03R/W; KAWAI 88-note MIDI controller keyboard; Yamaha DX-7; Roland Super JD-990; Oberheim Matrix 1000; going into a 20X8X2 RAMSA pro mixer with parametric EQ; Alesis ADAT tape recorders (16-tracks); TASCAM DAT recorders (2), T.C. Electronics' Wizard FINALIZER, Yamaha SPX-90's (2); DBX 166 stereo compressors; Valley People GATEX (8 channels of gates); and so on...TANNOY (Scottish) monitors...
Anything else?
I am now in NEW YORK CITY (living in Staten Island, New York City, NY USA now since May 2015...) and have travelled 28,000 miles all over USA since June 23, 2007, when I left Los Angeles, California...I have lived all over the USA except not the Deep South USA and not the North or Great Plains areas...I am from Indiana originally, lived there for more than 40 years (wilderness). I went to college 5 years in Indiana to famous Purdue University for 2 years and to Ball State U. for 3 years, graduated from BSU in 1976 with a Bachelor's degree in Music Theory and Composition. Some great news: My music is now on famous YOUTube.com website: 51 tracks of my music is on there now! Check it out! I have some great photography equipment now, and want to make money in both music and photography. I want fantastic things to happen to me! - John in Staten Island (New York City), New York 10301 USA.
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