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I have what it takes to make it in the next level. Just looking for believers to come along and non-believers to proove what I can do.
Thru The Years
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Racing (R&B Jazz)
Fumbling With The Fingers
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Wildest Dreams
Well well well Welcome to My World ladies and gentleman. Im smiling at you right now. Especially because this cross in space and time involves my music. Multi venue type impressions. Sometimes I feel like a mad man with that volume control,,,,,,,,,grinning at you,,,,,but one does not need to be that loud to get the music out to those that will consume the spectrum. Best served in front of a Woodstock or Grand type Stage. I Aint Scared I tell You. All styles relative by all means I am an inclusive artist. Rollercoaster ride with a lot of Gsssss. First of all,,,thanks so very much for visiting and hopefully reading my story, this passage, my passage, this journey, my journey. Chipping away, looking for the happy downside of the rainbow, reaping what has been sowed. Thought by now this dream of mine would be in full effect. But thats my fault. Sum total. Please feel empowered because in this day and time,,,,,,,nothing is impossible. Its a very Big World Out There. So many events, plannings, travel, networkings and collaborations. Im like someone taking it all in as time spins so much faster than my daily steps within the 24 hour time frame. Please feel free to rate my music. Little something for everybody. Kick ass, up beat, positive message music. So much going on all around me. I just dont see how all this construction goes on. I look at TV, social media. Gosh what I could do with a chance to get in the mix of the music industry. I am very strong handed and can put on one heck of a show. Problem is getting a bass and drummer. Two people that can change the World. I get so depressed not being able to find two people that will work with me. I run you all off. I would love to play in a band but most musicians I have run into cant take the truth. I am ostracized. Ignored. Look Im not asking you to be a manager but at least leave a comment, rate my music, support my efforts and you will have all my love,,,,peace,,,,and happiness. Hope to See You, Somewhere, Someway, Somehow,,,,,,Someday. There is time and a place for everything under the heavens. Trying to understand self is a task that at times takes me on a journey through the worm hole. Deep thought is where my collective consciousness will drift because its my second nature to find sanctuary within my inner being. Shy, withdrawn, not adding too much to a conversation for the most part, I have always been. Dont feel sorry for me because I would not trade with anyone. I truly enjoy being Morris Taylor. Now there is also a side of me that loves the spotlight. Put a guitar in my hands and I transform into something completely different. The good Lord blessed me with a serious sense of rhythm and harmony that as such haunts me to expose this inner calling. I can dance,,,,I can dance I tell you truly. Was in New Orleans a while back and doing my thing on the dance floor and looked up, everyone in the club were watching me. People walking by on the street stopped to check me out, even people in the bar across the street were fixated on what I was doing. To my pleasant surprise the band was playing Word Up by Camio and the singer hands me the microphone. That was so much fun yall. I dont spin on my head nothing like that but rather athletically use my body to express the enthusiasm in my unique ways as I kick it changing up as the song does. Im a complete natural on a stage. Playing guitar now as Ive been playing seems like forever keep evolving. Faster and faster I can solo. Live Forever solo only is something I recorded back in the Navy with Lester Smith and Ross Jones over 20 years ago. Two great friends that took the time and put up with my madness. Even the things I have now being several years done are not where my abilities are today. In other words my hand strengths surprise me the more I play. As time goes on Lord willing I hope to bridge this gap between me and you all. I so understand that it is difficult to play with me. I often find myself holding back because I can see that heads are about to burst open if I hit one more high note LOL. So much so that musicians usually do not play with me. Ive played in a few bands, emphasis on few because respectively I guess you just dont come across someone that can play like this. I wonder did Jimi have that problem. A,,,,Yeah. Someone told me once that I play so fast that he could not hear it. Thats really cool stuff I tell you. In that case, it just feels right. So going back to understanding self once again I wish I could find true happiness. The only time I am really happy is when I am playing live. When I was singing that song Word Up man yall should have seen ya boy. Bet everyone seeing me had a smile on there faces. When I was playing with the one band here Conscious Sedation one night at the truck stop was in the ZONE. Thats a sensation I never want to let go. I love those guys and wish them all the best. Especially you Mellisa. Anyway Ill go back to being quiet again and hope we can do this on a regular basis. I cant stay mad but a few minutes cause life is just too short. My motto: Ill See You Somewhere, Someway, Somehow, Someday. True happiness, is on a Stage,,,,for me.
Band/artist history
Done some gigging, but not nearly enough. Yeah had some precious moments, but I need to play to gain the respect. Just let me prove it to you all.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have always enjoyed the reactions of people when I open up on the Guitar. You all straighten up, and get that look on your faces like dammmmm. Playing live is what I love most about being a musician. It's where the Magic Happens.
Your musical influences
Jimi Hendrix, George Benson, James Brown, Sly Stone, Roberta Flack to name a few.
What equipment do you use?
Anything I can get my hands on that makes me go ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,YEAH.
Anything else?
If you can bag it up, then it ain't bragin. Put me on stage with any of the major acts. I DARE YOU!!!!!!!! Don't be scared. If you don't know where I'm coming from,,,,then just go with the feeling. I am so in the MOOD to ROCK. Not trying to be another Jimi Hendrix,,,,,,,,My Name,,,,, Morris Taylor.
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