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For those who enjoy the more experimental side of music but also need a rest from time to time.
I formed 'Electrip' in 1999. I started playing psychedelic/garage style tracks with a acoustic drum-kit, electric guitar with a couple of pedals (distortion & chorus), bass guitar and a yamaha home keyboard which I fed through a cheap radio shack delay unit. A year later I got my first computer and played around with samples and soft-synths. Over the years I've put together a small studio with hardware and software. I currently use Ableton Live and Reason sequencers, Native Instruments software. On the hardware side I use Korg and Novation synths and Roland V-Drums. Now I work on sample and Reason ReFill collections inbetween psychedelic and electronic experiments.
Band/artist history
Mid 2000 - Recorded album "Crimes of the Future" (10 tracks) - Psychcedelic/Garage Rock experiments Late 2000 - Recorded album "Computer Retro" as artist 'Volume One' (10 tracks) - Sample based techno/drum n bass recalling music of the mid 90's Late 2000 - Recorded album "Adventures in the Forbidden Zone" (13 tracks) - Shorter electronic pieces combining samples, synths and guitar Early 2000 - Recorded several tracks as artist 'Pop Idle' Mid 2002 - Recorded album "Transistor" (7 tracks) - Purely electronic abstract works, includes ambient, drum n bass and noise elements. Mid to Late 2003 - Completed work on "By Night" (1 track) - An electronic story piece of work using many synthesizer styles Early 2005 - Recorded "Demo Tracks" (14 tracks) - Vocal and sample album in a lighter mood, influenced by The Bran Flakes Mid 2005 - Recorded album "Untitled Playlist" (11 tracks) - An album of many contrasting styles, hence the title :)
Your musical influences
I am influenced by most musics but I mostly listen to electronic, psychedica and german progressive rock.
What equipment do you use?
Apple iMac G5 running Ableton Live4 and Propellerheads Reason 2.5 sequencers. Native Instruments Komplete software and Guitar Rig. Korg Karma and MS-2000 Roland TD-3 V-Drums
Anything else?
If you are intested in hearing more I've done, drop me an e-mail and I'll send you some!!!
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