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Hot progressive rock band nothing less than hawkrock art rock. Always working on new material.
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Backwoods Survivor
1 from Acoustical Nightscapes
Need A Friend
To Someone Very Special
Time To Fly
With the passing of my beloved wife Carline, this cd is a dedication of my love.
Any Way You Look At It
Harmony, Melodic, Many hours of love.
Multi-genre heavy pop, rock ballad, harmonic
NightHawkrock are currently working on new material. With each release, a unique journey, an expansion of genre and technique. Mission is to journey into the writers unknown, and to exhibit music as it is meant to be; a tasteful art. Press reviews: Band: Nighthawkrock Song: Leave you Now Review: Ok I'm starting to wonder what year it is with today's batch of songs. Here's another tune that has that old feel. I like the melody. The playing is apt and fitting. I feel a bit of old Clapton technique in here. I'm a big fan of Eric Clapton so it helps! Relaxing tune. ________________________________________________ Rainbows and unicorns come to mind when listening to the music of this husband and wife duo. A little bit of Progressive, a smidgen of synthesizer, a dab of new age, and a special love goes into these tunes. - Jesse T., Listen.com____________________________________________ I think this music has a feeling like John Lennon's music right before he died, maybe because of the love this couple has for each other, like John had for Yoko. Warning: these tunes are catchy, very melodical! Love them! -Gary Batchelder, Musician/Christian Rock.
Band/artist history
With a new cd released on 5/25/14 entitled "Eternal Spin", NIGHTHAWKROCK consists of Carline Maroon & Michael Maroon from Lisbon, Maine. Music genre is "progressive hawkrockfusion", a unique blend of truth. Formed a band in the Summer of 98. Created 25 cds of rock vocal/instrumentals along with former name Nighthawks2000. The Discography as follows: Sands Of Time, Calm Before The Storm, The Journey, The Portal-In, Empty Roads, The Last Dolphin, Pot Of Gold, Out Of Order, Future Visions, Parental Advisory and Other Tricks, Celebrate The Birth Of Christ, Hearts In The Right Place, Lost, Found, World Of Harmonic Dreams, Ascension From The Deep, Road To Who Knows Where, Diaries Of The Heart, Art Of Music, Acoustical Nightscapes , Whirlwinds, DreamGames, and Silence Overdone Nighthawkrock, unsure as to continue, or cease, is currently in pause mode. As always, with each release, a unique journey, an expansion of genres and techniques. Carline and Michael Maroon, vocals and instruments, which includes: guitars, Roland guitar synth,Yamaha piano, organ, strings,keyboard synthesizer, various wind instruments, drums and percussions.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We performed live a few years back in our locality with different bands, but recently retired to the studio.
Your musical influences
Beatles, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Yes, Moody Blues, Wings, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Heart, many more.
What equipment do you use?
Instruments: Roland, Fender, Baldwin, Hoffner, Yamaha. Guitars, piano, organ, strings, synthesizer, wind, drums, percussion
Anything else?
Play Loud, repeatedly, pray!
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