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Jake Davis
Jake Davis
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Delivering a positive message. Pop / R&B / Hip-Hop / Acoustic...
Here I Go
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Crossing Field ( Piano Cover ) *Sword Art Online*
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Fallen Down ( Piano Cover ) Sora no Otoshimono
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Why (2015 Official)
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***Review the latest and download free Mp3's .*** Vocalist / singer & rapper - Studio musician / guitarist, pianist, bassist, drummer - Mechanic / studio engineer, producer Music isn't my career; It's my life. Jake Davis 2010 : "New Beginning" the album Jake Davis 2011 : "BLISS" the album Jake Davis 2011 : "The Messengers Mixtape" collaboration project Jake Davis 2012 : "Divided" the album (no guest appearances) The song "Rest In Peace" is in memory of my brother, RJ Davis (4/17/86 - 5/24/04) Jake Davis 2012 : "Coast 2 Coast" the single Jake Davis 2013 : Singles (see list) Also, be sure to review and download FREE Jake Davis Mp3s at Special thanks: Thank you, God, for the ability to do all I do; my parents for encouraging and supporting my decisions; RJ Davis for being an inspiration to many, even in your absence; all my friends and the artists who've helped me to this point. The "Divided" cover art is masterpiece, thanks to Johnnie Williams (johnniewilliams20@gmail.com)
Band/artist history
I've always been interested in the development of urban music production. I've always enjoyed playing with beat machines, mixers, and related computer software. My brother (RJ Davis) was a well-known local producer and instrumentalist - his instrumentals were and are popular among local hip hop artists. In 2004 my brother, RJ, was brutally murdered. (4/17/86 - 5/24/04). After experiencing this life-bending tragedy, I began to write my emotions in form of song and, shortly after, moved on to recording. My producing talents significantly increased over time, so as my lyrical content expanded. Meanwhile, I had developed a reputation as a new, hot local hip-hop artist - alias "Player J". Throughout the years, I released and featured on a number of local mixtapes and albums. I had been attending church, on and off, all of my life. I've faced alot of tragedies that would typically cause the majority to make a turn for the worst, but the things that I've experienced have pushed me to grow mature and patient. In the later months of 2007, I was compelled by inspiration given through the Word of God and committed to attending church regularly. I was touched by many sermons and devotions; realizing, without much delay, that I have a trustworthy King who loves unconditionally. I received salvation by the end of 2007. Shortly after, I prayed a prayer (relating to personal life events) that was answered immediately. By this I was inspired to start over and use my gifts for a higher calling. I destroyed every hard copy of my secular material that was in my posession (albums and mixtapes, music videos, and performance videos); dropped my alias, my webpage and started completely fresh. In this: I've been blessed with great gifts to execute in ministry. In addition to my gifts of rapping, song-writing and singing - I play guitar, drums and keyboard. My genre is now recognized as gospel hip-hop / pop.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to perform among a live audience. I like to introduce my original work, but I enjoy doing acoustic piano covers on a smaller set.
Your musical influences
Alex Clare, John Otto, Will.I.Am, Israel Houghton, Lecrae, Fred Durst, *NSYNC and more...
What equipment do you use?
Behringer XENYX 1204 (Stereo Mixer), Behringer ECM 8000 (Condensed Microphone), Behringer Ms16 (Studio Monitors), Reason, Cool Edit Pro, Garage Band
Anything else?
Cover art by Johnnie Williams - johnniewilliams20@gmail.com Jake Davis "Divided" Track list: 01. Get Loose 02. Too Much 03. Same Old Thing 04. Walking Away 05. Divided 06. Rest In Peace 07. Let's Get Closer 08. Rhyme Book 09. Deed to My Heart 10. The End Jake Davis 2013 : Singles "Just What We Need" featuring John Mars "Results May Vary" "Dream" featuring Whiteboi Sam "Can't Get Enough" featuring J-Rad Jake Davis "BLISS" Track list: 01. Intro (featuring Shawn Williams) 02. Around Here 03. Lift Me Up (featuring A.L.A.) 04. Fly Away (Remix) (featuring John Mars) 05. Skit (featuring Shawn Williams) 06. I Give (featuring Shelly Rose) 07. Bliss 08. Why 09. Skit (featuring Shawn Williams) 10. Touch the Sky 11. Obsessed 12. Don't Stop (featuring Mike Broady Jr.) 13. Outro (featuring Shawn Williams) Jake Davis "New Beginning" Track list: 01. Intro 02. Anthem (ft. Mike Broadey Jr.) 03. Hard to Right (ft. Mike Broadey Jr.) 04. Get Right 05. It's All Good 06. I'm On It (ft. Mike Broadey Jr.) 07. Tell You Why (ft. Bishop da Legend, John Mars & Kryptik X) 08. Bounce (ft. Mike Broadey Jr.) 09. Obsessed - Acoustic (ft. John Radney) 10. Get Right - part 2 (ft. John Mars & Bishop da Legend) 11. Wonderful (ft. Mike Broadey Jr.) 12. Deserve You * (Mike Broadey Jr.) 13. Tell You Why - Screwed * John Mars & Jake Davis "The Messengers Mixtape" Track list: 01. Messenger 02. Not for Me 03. Who Are You 04. God is With Me (featuring Mike Broady Jr.) 05. Release Date 06. Be Like Christ Remix (featuring Mike Broady Jr., ALA) 07. On Fire (featuring MC4J) 08. Na Na 09. Let 'Em Know 10. Realer 11. Once In a While (featuring J Will, Mayo) 12. Christ In My Flow 13. I'm On It Remix (featuring MC4J, ALA) 14. Came to My Rescue (featuring John Radney, Gus, ALA) Jake Davis "Coast 2 Coast" track list: 01. Coast 2 Coast (ft. John Mars, JusG) 02. 2 Close (ft. JusG) 03. Time 04. Coast 2 Coast (Chopped-n-Screwed) 05. All Out (ft. JusG) 06. New Shalom Remix (ft. Lecrae, John Mars)
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