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Brown And Proud Radio
Brown And Proud Radio
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Screwed Up Gente Mix Vol. 1
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Speedy Underground 1
Brown And Proud Radio - Show 1
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Brown And Proud Radio - Show 37
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Brown And Proud Radio - Show 36
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UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!! Brown And Proud Radio has moved to it's new website on "www.BrownAndProudRadio.com" UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE! -AZ LOCO
Band/artist history
Brown And Proud radio started as an idea after feeling the void that regular radio stations had. Sure a few latinos had got a chance on the radio, but for the small amout that actually got played, it didn't represent the number of latinos that listened to the radio. Latinos would call into radio stations especially across the southwest and request artist like Lil Rob, SPM, NB Ridaz, Mr. Shadow, Lil One, Proper Dos, Mr. Capone-e, Southland Records, Juan Gotti, and many more, but the radio paid no attention to them. In L.A. a radio station called Power 106 started a revolution by playing a few of the artist Latinos wanted to hear. Due to regulations by the stations and the F.C.C., Pocos Pero Locos couldn't play a lot of Latino artist. The only way we would get the radio play we deserved was to create our own radio stations and programs. Then came in two online radio shows LPG Radio and Brown And Proud Radio. Brown And Proud Radio officially started on April 19, 2003 on a website known as Chicanos Cantina. After creative differences with the webmaster, AZ LOCO and Chicano 623 decided to find a new home on the internet. BNP Radio then found a home on Sound Click.com, it was a huge hit with a lot of people. Still feeling that BNP need to bring more to the fans, AZ LOCO begin teaching himself to learn web design. Now www.BrownAndProudRadio.com has officially launched. We've had many interviews with some of the biggest name in the industry along with some up and coming aritst. Never forgetting the reason why the show was created, AZ LOCO has kept focus and determined to help his people. Other online radio shows have started as a result of the impact of Brown And Proud Radio. Feel free to support all our people have to offer. Just keep the struggle of our people alive and strong! -AZ LOCO
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