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powerful melodies, mellow, dark, intense, rock, alternative,music.
The current lineup of Deveat has been together for several years. Four musicians who shared the common desire to create music. Currently playing South Texas and Northern Mexico, Deveat has been warmly welcomed onto the Border Rock'n'Roll music community. Their musical efforts have gained them local media attention. Deveat is unlike many Laredo bands as they never play cover songs, and lead, follow, and finish with nothing but their own music. On the local scene that is rarely done. Deveat is the only band to come out from the local underground music scene and play every major night club in the Laredo/Nuevo Laredo region. Deveat strives to create and never immitate. Deveat do not chain themselves to a single musical style. Deveat's current focus is on the promotion of their first effort, a CD called "Downtime". Which is comprised of 10 original tracks. Varying from hard rock to melodic and metal. Deveat stands out from other bands thanks to their high caliber musicianship. our band kept touring through the first part of 2002, by summer went into our home studio to start working on our second album "day after day" by the beguining of 2003 our second album had been finished and plans for summer tour began to take shape.the response to "day after day" has been great, we are currently touring our home state of texas and part of northern mexico, we'll start recording a third album in early 2004.
Band/artist history
well there's not much to say here other that we've been playing since 1999, we've recorded 2 self produced albums and have toured texas, also we've got some radio airplay
Have you performed in front of an audience?
we are currently touring trough our beloved state of texas and yes we certainly love playing, there have been some shows that stand more from the others and yes very special moments.
Your musical influences
life...friends, our loved ones.
Anything else?
really? we can put anyting here? how about a link to ur little website? well if that's ok of course deveatband.tripod.com mhhh what else?...just want to thank all our friends and people who support our band, thanks a million!!!!!