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Folk University
Folk University
1 Track
Rock, Pop, Acoustic, Singer, Songwriter
Forgive and Forget
Peak in sub-genre #31
Folk University is not about folk music. It is about the idea of songwriting and performing in the most basic form. These songs are mostly inspired by rock but include hints of folk, pop, metal, r&b, blues, alternative, and country.
Band/artist history
Folk University is a project started by me, Jerry Harris. I started this project in 1998 as my main song writing outlet. After years of writing songs I have enough for a few albums. This is currently my main project focus and I am in the beginning stages of recording an album. Currently Folk University is a one man show, but I am considering how and when to involve some other friends with the project. All my friends in the industry are already involved with their own projects so time is the issue.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have not played live using this band name.....yet.
Your musical influences
Uriah Heep is my all time favorite band for the music diversity, and Kiss for the show. I was raised on country and classic rock, and in my teens was open to everything else coming my way. Pop, Rock, Metal, Thrash, Punk, Techno, Industrial, Folk, Dance, Rap, R&B....I love it all.
What equipment do you use?
Fender and Mitchel Guitars