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Joey Hohgrefe
Joey Hohgrefe
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METAL with melodic overtones, and a touch of POLYRHYTHEMS.
After many unsuccessful tries in several different bands, I decided to make my very own studio project to mess around with in various genres of music. I searched for a long time to find the right name and came up with "Elements". however, I'm keeping this profile as my personal song collection from all the various projects i'm and will be attending in the future. Hope you all enjoy what carnage can be unleashed in this Tonal Universe!
Band/artist history
Well...in the beginning, i played guitar for a number of local bands that fell apart in the end. so i just decided to take a break and write some of my own stuff. I ran it some friends and we just sat around writing music for hours and play them to some people in our school for fun. Then we added a drummer and had a bassist before we even known what was happening. So we wrote music together and it turned out fine. But the bassist we had was a serious douche so he left to do his own punk project. we hate punk so he never got a say in how to do songs the metal way we all wanted. and there we were!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love playing live shows...although i haven't played very many. In high school, i preformed in the talent show and made a new for myself in school!
Your musical influences
I think the biggest influence on my style would have to be Opeth and Meshuggah. They opened the door to so many new worlds of music i never even thought of. Right now, my biggest influence is Threat Signal, both old and new line ups. I love all they have to offer, a modern metal band, with a melodic twist to them. I LOVE IT!!!
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez RGT42, Ibanez Acoustic, Peavey 5150+ combo, Korg Pandora Guitar Processor for reference and writing purposes, Pod Farm, (soon an Axefx Ultra), presonus firestudio interface, Cubase 5, Superior Drummer 2.0, M- Audio Axion 49 midi keyboard.
Anything else?
Enjoy the music! all i have to say!
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