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Travis Wayne
Travis Wayne
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Travis Wayne has opened for artists such as Tony Montana (Hit The Bobby B), Charlie boy, Rhyno, Tum-Tum, Big Tuck, Magno, Lil Flip, DSR, Whut It Do Family, Youn
Beautiful Mistake
Peak in sub-genre #96
The easiest way to describe the up and coming artist Travis Wayne would be, a go getter at any cost. This young man was born March 15, 1991 in Lubbock, Texas. Being raised with a single mother of four, didn?t make life any easier. But there was never much complaining. At the age of nine his mother remarried and relocated to Riverside, California. Moving to a new state , with new additions to the family, was a whole new world for Wayne. California opened the door to a completely different lifestyle experience. That?s where he learned about true struggle. All the hardships he faced out there has helped make him the person he is today. By the time he was ten the family moved back to Texas in hopes of getting back on their feet. However, the move to back to Texas didn?t last very long. At the age of twelve Wayne was living in Ft. Worth, Texas when his mother became deathly ill. In order for better medical treatment, the family had to move back to California. This time for good. Wayne had a new agenda on his list, help his mother out by any means necessary. This time the family relocated to Hemet, California where Wayne developed his love for music and his love for the California lifestyle. Wayne had been around music since a very young age. His brother ?Smooth? started a group called ?ACG? when he was only in the sixth grade. The move back to California only sparked his interest even more when his brother started to get more involved with music. Seeing his brother interact with more artists, helped him understand how conduct his own networking abilities. But it wasn?t until March 2009 when Wayne shot off his own solo career. At first his was pretty much under the radar moving low-key. Grinding hard trying to figure out how to go about getting in the studio and not sounding like a beginner. To establish a name for himself early in the game and not later. So he started to write his verses, over and over again. Trying to go harder and harder each time. Step the bar up on himself. Not even interested on what other people had to say. The first song that he was featured on was the guy who told him to jump in the came from the start ?C-Wayne?. He wrote his verse for the song and went to record it in the studio the next day. From there more and more offers where coming left and right via Myspace. Soon he recorded his song ?Breath of Fresh Air? which jumped him into the music industry head first. Ever sense then this young artist has be in demand and respected by every artist he has come across. This is only the beginning for this future headliner. Travis Wayne has opened for artists such as Tony Montana (Hit The Bobby B), Charlie boy, Rhyno, Tum-Tum, Big Tuck, Magno, Lil Flip, DSR, Whut It Do Family, Young Jeezy (Street Dreams Tour) and Lil Wayne (Street Dreams Tour). Wayne is now open for bookings, interviews, photo shoots, features, and Dj drops. For any further inquiries, don?t be afraid to send a message.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah, I play live all the time. Being on stage really helps me relieve built up stress. Special moment happened when i was performing in Austin, Texas and my brother and biggest supporter got on stage with me.
Your musical influences
Drake is my biggest influence
What equipment do you use?
House DJ, Mic, Performance CD