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LiL LuLu
It's clear that Canadian Chanteuse Louise Tremblay (aka Lil LuLu) is aiming for a fresh, futuristic sound. her instrumentation is electronic with piano, guitar
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Never Gave Up
Something new,,to rock your sprintime
Gandhi River Queen
track from the indian red cd online now.
Indian red
Brand new track,some world fusion electronic,also on itunes and many other online stores
Leave past behind W/O Vocals mix
instrumental version of leave past behind you,thxs checking out tunes
leave the past behind
something new,thanks for visting my page,add me as friends xo lulu
LiL Lulu is a singer, dancer, Video & ringtone artist, and promoter online. My cd’s are selling worldwide on all major music online store : iTunes Napster eMusic Telus Myxer Virgin Bell Rhapsody Trackitdown Juno Amazon ... all under Oldfart Records distributed by The Orchard one of the largest distributor. I have always been a fan of music. I went to over 200 shows from 1975 to 1996 from Bob Dylan to Johnny Cash passing by the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Cure, Simple Minds, Simply Red, Dead Kennedys, Tragically Hip, Gun’s & Roses, Metallica, Aerosmith, Blue Rodeo, Buddy Guy, Ella Fitzgerald. Oscar Peterson, Lou Reed... I learn classic guitar at school for years. I participate to some amateur contest when I was 15 ... always dream to be a big artist. One day I met Mario Pompetti. He needed some vocals for his music and made my realisation come true. C/O owner of LiL LuLu Records montreal MYSPACE PAGE, ADD ME ;-) www.myspace.com/lillulumontreal http://ca.youtube.com/user/lilluluMtl http://www.youlicense.com/ GET LIL LULU DANCING VIDEO FOR YOUR CELL PHONE, PLUS MANY RINGTONES & WALLPAPERS http://www.myxer.com/LILLULU All my cd's are on Itunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/lil-lulu/id274279324?trackPage=2#trackPage all cds under LiL LuLu Records , Zigzag, Mario Pompetti & oldfarts records distributed byThe Orchard, New York selling worldwide on iTunes, Juno, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, 1. The Invisable Man -Mario Pompetti2005 2. LiL LuLu & Mario Pompetti House Party 2006 3. Sandy Where are You -Mario Pompetti) 2006 4. PompettiJazz Spaghettini (Mario Pompetti) 2006 5. Human Nature (Mario Pompetti) 2007 6. The Junkie (Mario Pompetti ) 2007 7. The Ant Farm (The Underground Party) 2007 8. 6 a.m. Saddam (The White Trees) 2007 9. The Secret (Zilo Tannenbaum) 2007 10. Blue Algae (LiL LuLu) 2008 11. Strip Club (LiL LuLu) 2008 12. LiL LuLu & Mellowman House Party 2 2008 13. Dreaming of You (LiL LuLu) 2008 14. War Games We Lost (Mario Pompetti)2008 15. Going Green for Jazz (Mario Pompetti)2008 16. Cinnamon Highway-Mario Pompetti) 2009 17. Children Children Dream On-LiL LuLu & Mellowman 18. Feel The Summer-Lewell 19. Under the Moon Without You-LiL LuLu 20. Dreams in Blue Ambience-LiL LuLu 21. Looking out my window Waiting for You-LiL LuLu & Lewell 22. Eye to Eye I Love You-Mario Pompetti 23. Keep Your Head up-LiL White Trash 24. It’s a street thing-Mario Pompetti 25. Queen of the Seven Seas-LiL LuLu 26. Amatron Las t Voyage LiL LuLu 27. The First Time I Massage You LiL LuLu 28. Tailor Made Jazz Mario Pompetti 29. Hearing Guitars & Im in Love LiL LuLu 30. Acoustic Minds LiL LuLu 31. I Had a Dream There Was no Dream Mario Pompetti 32. Red Blues (Erica Lee Page) 33. The Scent of You Turns me On (LiL Lulu) 34. Down the Road Music (Mario Pompetti) 35. Spring Fever Got Me The Best of LiL Lulu 36. Classical Work The best of Mario Pompetti
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