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Bones Gang
Bones Gang
3 Tracks
Alcohol induced fun.
Budweiser & Jack Daniels
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Sunday Afternoon
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Mister B - Bass, All Vocals Lyle Maurico - Guitars Brook Krieger - Guitars, Recording & Production Peter X - Drums
Band/artist history
The band originally formed in 1991 while Mister B was attending Music Tech. The band originally consisted of Mister B ( Guitar, Lead Vocals ), Jeff Rutland ( Lead Guitar ), Bruce Aitken ( Bass, Vocals ), and Cavin Thiery ( Drums ). We were all students at Music Tech and no other band at the time in the Minneapolis area could boast that. Fat lot of good it did. We recorded a couple of demos for some original material Mister B had written and did some cover shows, but whole thing fizzled shortly after we graduated. Mister B tried bringing back the Gang a couple of times during the 90's, but there was really no interest even though we had some of the most talented musicians in the area in the band. Just to mention a couple of names - Brook Krieger ( Guitar ) : Formerly of Hairball and Blake Seybolt ( Drums) : Currently still with Hairball. The band really didn't take off until the last part of 2001. The members of Bad Jack were parting ways with the founding member of the band. Mister B was playing bass for Bad Jack at the time. They had released one CD and were trying to work on another while touring regionally as a cover act. The remaining members, Lyle Marico ( Guitar ) and Peter X ( Drums ), moved on with Mister B to form Bones Gang. They went on as a three piece for a while and had a couple of guys who didn't really fit in come in on guitars to fill an imaginary void placed there by booking agents. Brook Krieger came back into the band in 2005 and helped us finish the original material we had been trying to get recorded for the better part of 4 years. "Yesterday's Trash" was the resulting CD. Brook left the band at the end of 2006 and the guys from Bones Gang joined up with the Nationally recognized Ozzy tribute "Aultimate Ozzy". Bones Gang and since gone into hiatus. Lyle continues to play guitar for Aultimate Ozzy. Mister B quit in August of 2008 to go back to school. Peter X retired... ..for how long we don't know.....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We played live all the time up until 2008. Plenty of special moments. Love it, miss it, will do it again soon.
Your musical influences
Black Sabbath, Kiss, Motley Crue, Warrant, Dio, Ozzy. If it rocks hard, we listened to it and probably covered it at one time or another.
What equipment do you use?
Carvin basses and bass amps and strings, Marshall guitar amps, Epiphone, Gibson, ESP, Schecter, SIT Strings, Ludwig drums.
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