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Sense Of Decay
3 songs
340 plays
Come Clarity
just a sample byte of cover for this song, without vocal yet..
Nightbeat Of My Descent Calling
This was made a looong time ago (like 5 or 6 years to be exact), this is the untouched version I`m working on to finish it, think of it like a demo song or better yet a beta version :))
mixdown and sound test, realy not a full song at this moment
You mean some info ? hm, well actually I have nothing special and my own yet, so I just covered some songs I like without vocal for now (later...), band name is likely a subject to change as Im not decided yet. what else goes here....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
nope, as far as Im a one-man-army band (without free time too :/), I just jam with my friends sometime to whatever comes, but I only record at home, or record for my friends bands and so..
Your musical influences
like I mentioned earlier, Meshuggah, The Absence, Yyrkoon, The Duskfall, Dismember, The Faceless, Strapping Young Lad, DT band, Job For A Cowboy, Finntroll, TrollfesT (gotta love these guys :D), Dimmu Borgir, BLS, Soilwork, Nocturnal Rites, Korpiklaani, John5, some instrumental cool jazz (Dave Brubeck Quartet is my fav), love the Orchestral works ond OSTs, Pendulum....and the list goes on and on...
What equipment do you use?
well...nothing much, I still use Ibanez BTB205-TYF bass and my 6-string Vintage V99cs with EMG-81 tuned to standard B and A, Im expecting my new Ibanez S7320 so I can really know what its like to play a guitar...AND as Im a fckin downtuner, to go finally to drop G, F# and stuff.... all my rig is my new PC, M-audio FastTrack Pro, huuge bunch of soft like guitar rig, cubase, dfh etc. everything else is minor stuff like home tube PA...
Anything else?
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