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North Forty
North Forty songs are written by Dave Berdoulay in the style of Americana, Roots Rock, Alternative Country, Folk Rock and Traditional Country.
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Firin' Line
Are you facing every morning like a firin' line?
All Your Heart
Love song
Without A Net
Watch what you say. You can't take it back.
Leave It Alone
When everything's right don't change it.
New Thing Comin'
Becoming a father
North Forty North Forty is a guitar based band from Southeastern Pennsylvania formed around the songs of singer songwriter Dave Berdoulay. In 2004 Dave and his brother Alan were in Target Studios with producer Marc Moss recording the basic tracks to what would become North Forty's first C.D. titled "Raised On Reverb" . There they were introduced to drummer Brad Fish who soon expressed his interest in Dave's music and suggested getting bass player Sharon Gould to join them and practice the music for a few months before returning to the studio to complete the album together. Dave and Alan soon realized they had found two musicians who shared their vision of how Dave's songs should sound. With Alan on lead guitars, pedal steel guitar and dobro, they returned to the studio and were able to capture twenty plus songs done in a live set up. Out of these, eleven were selected for the album. Only two of these have any over dubbing. The band's sound has been described as Americana, Roots Rock and Alternative Country. The album has been well received locally and has had local airplay . North Forty Is always working on new material and will return to the studio in 2009 to record their second album of new songs.
Your musical influences
Neil Young, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, John Hiatt, John Prine, The Band
Anything else?
If you like songs in roots/rock,with a little harder edge, check out "Without A Net" or "Firin' Line' and "Don't You Love Me". "Leave It Alone" is more alternative/country with nice pedal steel." I Know What Love Was", "Sounds Good", "New Thing Comin'" and "Scene Of The Crime" are also a bit more mellow and singer/songwriter style. "All Your Heart" is a love song kinda country /blues, a bit folk/rock. "Friends" is more traditional country. Thanks for checkin' us out and hope you find something you like.
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I couldn’t sleep
This stuff is top shelf...
Dave, this is cool. The sound is great !!!
Hey i'm diggin this.It kinda has a Tom Petty feel to it. But yet it's gotta country sound.Good work!
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