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Little Ike Publishing-Kimberlyinnc
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Sergeant Cole
True story about a local homeless vet who suffered from PTSD.
Remind Me (old Version)
A Christian song about how when you feel life is not going where you want it and you are messing up at every turn, remind me God that I am loved.
48 Hour Fix
A song about a hard worker needing his weekend time, his 48 Hour Fix
By Heart
A song about a farm and a home place knowing the man by heart...
My Do Over, Not Yours
Country song about a girl who is telling her EX, don't even try to start over with me, its my do over, not yours!
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One of your best songs that you have written. I gave you 5 stars all the way across the board. I loved the lyrics melody etc I wouldn't change anything. But I know you probably will. A beautiful thing is never perfect. Proverb
Very nice. I rated this 4 stars. Would have been 5 but had some word snags in v1 and in the br line with saviour. The ch was sweet. Great singing.
Distinctive sound...Great vocal expression and wonderful production...Really enjoyed listening to this song...The hook really grabbed me.
Girl,,that's a hit song if I've ever heard one..keep up the great songwriting
I like that song heart body soul that sounds pretty good
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