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Day Day Music
Day Day Music
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One of the most well known rap artists from the Central Florida area. Known mostly by the brutal high school massacre anthem "Promote The Violence" and "Kill Yo
Day Day - Kill You Ft. Slim Pickens
For all BOOKINGs ( Shows, Appearances, Mixtape Hosting, Etc. ) send e mail to DaYDaYFla@gmail.con IF YOUR INTERESTED IN A COLLABO, THEN CLICK ON WHAT TYPE OF FEATURE YOU WANT BELOW FOR YOUR SONG THEN E MAIL ME AFTERWARDS. SEND THE BEAT AND CONCEPT OF WHAT YOU WANT AND I'LL HAVE IT BACK TO YOU WITHIN DAYS. You get: - Free 1/2 hr initial consultation - Lyric sheet containing wholly original and exclusive material (obviously) - Demo recording over beat you provide, or example you choose (to show how the flow and cadence work); - Two hours of feedback, style pointers, and free rewrites, then half-price editing fees apply; Im open to deals and barter. Finders bonus - bring me four paying clients and get a free verse or $100. DISCRETION ASSURED. E-mail David@DayDayFla@gmail.com with inquiries. If you need Drops , Please send a script in the body of the email on what you want me to say and i will get it back to you. Thank You FACEBOOK.COM/DayDayMusic
Band/artist history
Day Day Fearless Alternative Hip Hop musician + songwriter + vocalist + producer Central Floridas Day Day may only be 22, but hes never been afraid to push the envelope, either musically or lyrically. The way he sees it, nobody ever made it by sounding like everyone else. He feels that creativity should be pushed to the limits with music. With Day Days songs, youll constantly hear these concepts. With his vertical skills in every aspect of recording, Day Day is a one stop music creation shop. This allows him the rare opportunity of recording with reckless abandon. It is a freedom that he willingly accepts. His style has been described as quick-rapping, "machine gun-like delivery". Day Day described his style: "I've always felt like I was a pretty complex rapper to be from the South - I feel like I put a lot into my music." He is most known for his songs Heartbreak Season & Kill You. His popularity continues to attract an increasing legion of fans: Day Day Tours all over. Has had the opportunity to perfect his captivating stage presence and performance by opening up for many major artists, which includes some of the same people who influenced his music career-Nappy Roots, Mars, Sid Wilson Of SlipKnot and Boondox. For all bookings, DayDayFla@gmail.com 321-676-8636
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, Day Day performs all over Florida every month.
Your musical influences
Eminem, Kid Cudi, YelaWolf, The Fans , Family and Friends.
Anything else?
download the music while its free! Pass it around like a Helicopter girl. Thank's to every one who has Supported me in any way.
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