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Kevin Matthew
Kevin Matthew
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Sound is everything. When you think and feel, you create sound.
A New Age
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Composing Mixing Engineering Welcome to the side projects. If you've found yourself here, then congratulations. These are the projects most haven't heard. Thank you all for your support; It's greatly appreciated. Thank you for joining me on this journey. -Kevin Matthew
Band/artist history
It was a decade ago... when everything started to take shape. Let me begin. I am a composer, first and foremost. My extensive projects include everything from wavy/wave, ambient, chillstep, future garage, witch house, trip-hop, industrial, phonk, chillhop, classical, lofi, darkwave, coldwave, downtempo, soundscape, and plenty of other experimental genres. I also produce and record for various artists and musicians; mainly urban, trap, house, rock, and folk rock music. I started off playing keyboard in a death metal band, then went on to mc. Shortly after I got involved in mixing with dj Kr0matik. When I became involved more in the production aspect of music I was working with Dj Kromatik in his studio; learning all the basics of mixing, mapping, the essentials of sound design, and the techniques of automation. I've learned everything from music theory, chord structure, music history, recording, business, audio engineering, promoting and marketing. Truly connected to music; I've always had a passion for it. Sound in general is so powerful. Frequency to be more precise. Now the ideas I've envisioned have come to life. My path is obvious. Music is the key. It's life. It's universal. It's beyond.
Your musical influences
80's, 90's, Oldies, The Cure, New Wave, Rock, Ils, Dj Screw, Classical Piano, Bach, Chopin, Hovhaness, Nirvana, Sax, strings, Darkroom studios, Psychopahic Records, The Accidental Poet, Kraftwerk, Flaco Jimenez, Trip-Hop, Chillhop, Choir, Soundscapes, Dubstep, Freestyle, Ambient, Mt Eden, Baroque era, secular music, Earthsounds, Phaeleh, chamber music, Clams Casino, Motion Picture Soundtracks, Chvrn, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Native American instruments, Chinese instruments, Japanese instruments, Wavemob, Mixhound, Nourish., Witch House, FOMH, Phonk, Vaporwave, Vaportrap, Scott Storch, R&B, Synth Bass, KORG Electribe Sampler, AKAI, Dreams, My surroundings, Myself, Sound In General, Random Imagery, And So On And So On.
What equipment do you use?
Akai Professional MPK49 USB/MIDI Performance Keyboard KORG Electribe ES1MKII Rhythm Production Sampler M-AUDIO KeyStudio Keyboard Controller Yamaha Audiogram 6 Computer Recording System Behringer C-1U Studio condenser microphone Bluebird Blue SL Studio Microphone Samson CH700 Studio Reference Headphones Sony NC7 Noise Cancelling Headphones PreSonus Audiobox USB Audio Interface Eris E5 Studio Monitors My DAW is FL Studio 11 XXL Producer Edition
Anything else?
Feel free to contact me. p.s. Please, support the other artists and musicians connected to this account. If you like Dubstep or Drum&Bass mixes check out DJ Kr0matik @ https://www.edeejay.com/profile-49260/video/ Some ear tingling mixes there! Support CreativeCommons! Visit the home page @ https://www.CreativeCommons.org
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