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Carol Douglas
Carol Douglas
Cumbria, United Kingdom
October 15, 2003
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I'm a UK based songwriter/lyricist and my material is very diverse. Songs are easily inspired either by personal experiences, things said in conversation, being given a challenge, or being moved or amused by something. BBC RADIO PLAYS.... by TOM ROBINSON on BBC RADIO 6 INTRODUCING, and many others on different regional BBC stations such as Radio Lancashire, by the Late Joe Fish on his renowned Country show. He used to tell his audiences that "Old lady's lullaby" made the hair stand up on his neck! SELF RELEASED ALBUMS by co-writers "SEVEN SHADES OF GREY" is one of Paul Jeffery's albums and included on it are both of our co-writes "Money from the satisfied man" and "Through heartache and back" The songs were produced by Jon Strong. "The Man in Moon" was written with DiegoB of Germany and is on his album "ALL THESE YEARS" "On my Kawasaki Dream" was written with RS Cain of the USA and is on his album "TWISTED TALES OF THE HONKY TONK MONKEY" Sept. 2018...."Julio"and 7 other songs have been released on a new album "Half empty glass man" produced by Peter Lagarde in Germany. Pluxx7 Studio Another album "Not mainstream" was also produced by Peter. MAY 2019 I'm very interested in current affairs, and admire people of integrity and compassion who are prepared to stand up for what's right. Because of this, I have sets of lyrics on themes such as whistleblowing etc. which I guess are in the "Protest song" genre. If you're interested in trying a collaboration, you're more than welcome to get in touch. I now have quite a few songs published, and my aim is to secure song placements and sync. licensing deals.....Cheers, Carol
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm not a singer, only a writer.
Your musical influences
Artists whose style my songs have been likened to are incredibly diverse...eg. "Come my sweet Emma" -Tobias Jesso Jnr. "Time has come" (fast version) -Dolly Parton "Too numb to cry" - Hawkwind "No guarantees" "Talk away my tears" and "On the golden sands of time" - Andrew Lloyd Webber "Old lady's lullaby" -Charlie Landsborough. "You'll want some more from me" (fast version) -The Pogues/Dubliners "Money from the satisfied man" (Sahib Radio) - Tom Waits.
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