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Mr. DVyne On The Track
Mr. DVyne On The Track
15 Tracks
email me at: beatsbydivine@yahoo.com Divine-The Mind is touching on as many forms of music as possible. Not just as a hip hop producer, but much more.
e mail me : beatsbydivine@yahoo.com Mr. Divine-The Mind was formerly a disk jockey back in the late 80's, when Jazzy Jeff and Joe Cooley were the top 2 d.j.'s. When keyboard samplers were introduced, he quickly purchased his first and started crafting music in the early 90's. Soon he was the go to man for some tight street music. Operating out of the back of grandma's house, he decided to get his groups in some better quality studios. This is where he met Aubrey Francis, now manager for Juvenile. Aubrey liked Divine's style and work ethics in the studio and chose him out of a list of producers to audition tracks to Juvenile for his new UTP label. Instant chemistry put him on tour with the UTP camp for a year and a half, and allowed Divine to not only see half the U.S., but also put his stamp on 3 national releases. Divine classifies his music as timeless, because he doesn't follow the sounds that's happening at the time. He chooses to play rather than tap and loop.
Band/artist history
Introduced to two turntables and a mixer in mid 80's by cousin. Introduced to keyboard samplers in early 90's. Introduced to MIDI and MPC's in late 90's U.S. tour in early 2000. with UTP Records.
Your musical influences
Musical influences (D.J.) Jazzy Jeff / Joe Cooley / Magic Mike / Jam Master J (M.C.) Xzihibit / T.I. / Mos Def / Rakim (musicians) Quency Jones / Miles Davis / Donald Byrd / Paul Hardcastle / Malcolm McLaren / The Art Of Noise / Kraftwerk
What equipment do you use?
MPC 200XL - Proteus 2000 - Triton Studio - ASR 10 Keyboard Sampler - (The Rest is my secret Arsenal) I'm old school, so my technics are unique to achieve a quality sound.
Anything else?
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