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Vendetta Kingz
Vendetta Kingz
31 Tracks
The Freedom Movement
FOR VENDETTA KINGZ BOOKING/FEATURES/ETC. CONTACT DVALENTINE602@YAHOO.COM AND/OR VISIT VENDETTAKINGZ.COM The Freedom Movement. Yahshua is the Messiah For The People, Of The Universal Creator YHWH. Vendetta Kingz are The Messengers of Truth and Justice. We Stand for Truth. Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Musical, Political, Historical Truth. We Decipher Countless Sources of Information, and Translate For You. Objective Facts and Wisdom through Experience, For The People, as Well as Ourselves in Hopes To Better Our Understanding, and achieve Total Freedom as a People..Creators and Creations. Revelations are Here. Vendetta Kingz Is A Universal Movement. The Ideals behind VK were formed and refined behind the walls of a County Jail in Phoenix, AZ. D. Valentine known as King David and Solomon (King Solomon) had a Vision of a Group that could bring the Truth through Hip Hop and maintain the highest level of skill. The name"Kingz Of The Vendetta" was found; which quickly turned into Vendetta Kingz... During the first stages of recording Jeremiah (Ghostman) became Vendetta Kingz. Ty East (OZ The Arc Raider) was next to join the team. Then, Jon (Jon The Baptist) became part of Vendetta Kingz. Charles (Contra Psalmz) joined forces. Eventually, Indrid Cold became a VK member. Some time in late December 2006 early January 2007, Ghostman and King David created some of the first Vendetta Kingz sessions. The sound was naturally rugged, and not the best recordings, but nonetheless great material. After much planning and even more recording, The Kingz had enough solid material to introduce the movement to the world. Once the myspace took off, Vendetta Kingz started to gain attention, recieving messeges and comments from around the world embracing them for what they were doing. The Movement is more than just music. Production from Anabolic, Flip, Snake v.s. Crane and Mr. Wonders was the foundation for the music at that time. With the support of Scott Midler (Digital Warfare), Vendetta Kingz used innovative designs and graphics to create images of ideals to captivate all peoples attention. A Universal Musical Revolution. Appealing to a lot of different people in many cultures, VK was recognized globally. Connections like Iron Curtian, and Snake v.s Crane in Berlin, and throughout Germany. Contra Psalmz, who became not only a vital producer but also an original lyricist in Vendetta Kingz. Ben Grimm of Now & Laterz became instrumental in bringing the sound of Vendetta Kingz to a professional level. The Kingz have also worked with other acclaimed producers such as Drame, Anno Domini, Blunted Sultan, JDV, Krohme, Abstract, Don Krausone, White Lotus, Crazology, Micheal Omar Perez, Haps, DJ ShadowFist, Scientific, Annex, Relentless, Toolsy, The Kafutchino, Manchild, and many more. Alongside DJ Phantom A.D. Ross (SoundDaddy) VK Formed An Entertainment Conglomerate. Vendetta Kingz have worked with such artists as: Killah Priest, Tragedy Khadafi, Killa Sha, Planet Asia, Timbo King, Roc Marciano, Hell Razah, G8bak, Elohim Marino, Camille Sledge, and Many others. Currently, Vendetta Kingz are in the process of preparing the realease for multiple projects all leading up to the annual NOV. 5TH Release. The Movement has been growing strong since birth. Peace to all the fans and supporters of VK - The Name behind The Freedom Movement. - Vendetta Kingz FREE TRAGEDY KHADAFI! RIP KILLA SHA
Band/artist history
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Any Venue.
Your musical influences
Ourselves. Tragedy Khadafi - NaS - Killah Priest - Killa Sin - Cypress Hill - Dead Prez - AZ - Hell Razah - Sunz of Man - Cormega - The Roots - Talib Kweli - Mos Def - Kool G Rap - Jay-Z - Roc Marcy - Bob Marley - Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) - Huey P. - Zack De la Rocha (RATM) - Ghandi - William Cooper - Frederick Douglas - Sun Tzu - King David - King Solomon - Huey P. - Al Pacino - Robert DeNiro - Quentin Terentino - Robert Greene - Sublime - Miles Davis - Frank Sanatra - John Coltraine - Jimi Hendrix - Jordan Maxwell - Outkast - Pharoahe Monch - R.I.P. Killa Sha, Tupac Shakur, ODB, Big L, Big Pun, Freeky Tah, Aaliyah, J Dilla.
What equipment do you use?
The Brain.
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