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Progressive, tragic pop, artsy urban, soul, trip hop, spentbeat. Ned does it again, MT3 is back and ready to pop heads as Premodera pushes forward. Simply the m
Thankful (next day clear mix)
Premodera (PRE-MOE-DARE-UH) is a neo-soul, progressive urban band that lives the heart of Central Texas. It consists of many elements of the music genre, ranging from "fall-away" tactics to apocalyptic interventions. The band stresses the need for listeners to "drop their joys and woes; clear the thoughts of the day from your mind... then go!" Premodera is finally at the crest of redispersing its pragmatic, and sometimes cognitive, music onto the listening world. Stepping into a new fray, they have abandoned the pro-quo to relish in the field of artistic vibes. Since juggling the oversight of Premodera, frontman Ned Carter (*Texas Senator Project) has received the nomination of 2006 United States Ambassador of Poetry (for which he was nominated Poet of the Year twice; 2000, 2002), and is now focusing solely on the artistic works of PREMODERA and his other projects. 2009 will mark the first time in nearly 13 years that he has had the opportunity to work solidly and completely on one project. An ASCAP member since 2001, Premodera is now exclusively Central Texas' sole underground Urban-Goth outlet; and records for Nothingspan Music Group, respectably. Although the alarmingly recluse band has literally a stockpile of musical weapons, Premodera has yet to secure its status as a top performance band (having only played publicly 6 times, 14 times overall.) "I look to '09 as the year we live!!" Carter said. Plans after the project include a small venue tour and launching a new internet radio station.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sort of reclusive; though we will do shows. We're more like scientists, writers and engineers for the science of tones and their controls over day-to-day living.
Your musical influences
Spore 333, Pantera, Firefly, Central Texas Music Scene, the overall science of music tones and its effect on people.
What equipment do you use?
Ensoniq SQ-2, TR-80, ASR-X, Korg, Guitars, Flutes, bass, drums with PCs and Mac
Anything else?
an impromptu poem by Ned Carter (PREMODERA frontman) Mirror thru You - uoY rof rorriM I reputed hell, it was all around I could never comply with deceit I'm trapped in this shell - unfound Just wanting to land on my feet Don't take away all of the things That remit your door to jade Just think of me in your dreams And all of your pain will fade... ------the SENATOR
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