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Surly V
Surly V
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OG of Winnipeg G Funk, real street music from peg city. I'm about bringing back reality feeling and hart to hip hop, tired of rappers acting like everyone else?
Too much stress (Live at the press club 2007)
I started making music in 2003 but been rapping as a hobby since the 90's. Eventually I started taking it serious for a while and through 2005 to 2007 released 2 really good albums The 5 P's with Much More Kru and Weston style Volume 2 both of which where well received, "tear It Down" was most requested in the city of Winnipeg with no promotion at all on Flava 107.9. In 2007 I got arrested and cleaned out by the cops (they took everything). Since then I am still paying my dues after 9 mths jail waiting for bail, getting bailed out to a Rehab center where I stayed for 10 mth's then living on a 10pm curfew for a bout 3 years and Finally getting sentenced in 2012 to two years house Arrest + 2 years probation. so you can see why my work in music has been at a halt. however I have put together some unreleased tracks and a few new ones since I been on Bail and will release them as the on bail album. also soon to be released is the 10th anniversary Nine O Album. Tracks from both these albums and more are already available on my music page for free down load enjoy.
Band/artist history
Just some boy's from the hood.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes , when its the right time , nothing is better then the thrill of doing a live show
Your musical influences
too short, spice one, early west coast rap
What equipment do you use?
Cool Edit Pro Fruity Loops Casio Key Board.
Anything else?
I have gone back to school and now working the film and TV industry but I will come back to music soon.
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