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Welcome to SummerSkool. There's always a lot to learn about music, and it has got to be fun. WATCH OUT for our next upcoming project! entitled "HEAVY DUTY"
SummerSkool believes in the quality of music that connects to the audience and gives fulfilment in being great songwriters.
Band/artist history
Playful minds and a couple of strings to pull, that's how it started for this band. It was the middle of summer in 2007 when students get to be on vacation somewhere out of town with family, relatives, or friends-- or stay at home, get lazy and get bored which was exactly the case of brothers Richmond and Reinhart Mercado. The late afternoons would be the background of familiar tunes played on guitar, and of stories that led to endless creative imaginings and what else -- more stories. Little did they know that the music they playfully make soon became an avenue for their stories which later developed their passion for writing songs, and keen ears for good music. Richmond became so passionate about playing guitar, and even influenced his younger brother Reinhart to learn to play bass guitar for him. Their duo had been curiously a delight to hear in the comfort of their home. Reinhart invited a schoolmate who plays drums with their schoolband to come over and work some songs out. After that, perhaps feeling proud of themselves, this trio decided to form a band. And, thus, "Summerskool" was born. Like every other band, this one had complications and changes to deal with. At the start, the band had a female vocalist, until eventually, they found that their songs are mostly viewed from a guy's perspective, and so they needed to get a male vocalist. It wasn't long until Reggie Mercado, elder brother to Richmond and Reinhart, joined the band. A couple of times, the band had to find a more suitable drummer. At the time being, this is where Randolph, the youngest of the Mercado brothers, is fast becoming a revelation. Summerskool joined the music scene in August 2007, with their first single "Bayot". Not much of a wavemaker, but the band bolted a great follow up, finding a spot in radio playlist, with the song "Antuson". The success of their second single, and encouragements from peers and family, inspired the band to record some more tracks from their repertoire. With the band struggling to make a name, all efforts and perseverance paid off when they produced their first album under the banner of Maldito Records and made its release on February 2008, and currently working on their second album. Band Members: Reggie Mercado - vocals, guitars, Richmond Mercado - vocals, rhythm, lead Reinhart Mercado - vocals, bass, lead Randolph Mercado - drums, percussion Record Label: Maldito Records Recording Studio: Backyard Studio Projects Genre: Progressive and Experimental Discography: Tabanog (2008) * Bayot * Antuson * Kalipay * Kung Kitang Duha * When You Smile * Narcisa * Driving * Tabanog * Buhaton Ang Tanan * Kung Nagtarung Pa Lang * Lover In Me * Tears Heavy Duty (TBA) Contact Details: Mobile No. 09173727244 / 09194354157 Email: summerskool@ymail.com Social Network Profile: Friendster account: SoundClick account: MySpace account:
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Whenever possible. Wherever possible.
What equipment do you use?
Monggol, Panda, Apache, Pilot, Rotring... hehehe!
Anything else?
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